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Mercedes Benz Financial Special APR Finance Rates of 1.9% for Certified Pre Owned C, E and M Class Models During May 2011!

You won’t believe this! I have never seen this sort of finance deal from Mercedes-Benz, never three models, with such aggressive rates, all at the same time!

1.9% APR finance rates are available for Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz C, E and M class vehicles from model years 2007, 2008 and 2009. This is the first time 2009 M and E classes have been included in the special CPO finance rates. There isn’t a regular bank or credit union anywhere that can begin to offer a rate like this.

Here is the full break down of the subsidized finance rates from Mercedes-Benz Financial for the month of May, 2011.

Class Model Yr 24-36 Months 37-48 Months 49-66 Months
C 07, ’08, ’09 1.99% 1.99% 1.99%
E 07, ’08, ’09 1.99% 1.99% 1.99%
M 07, ’08, ’09 1.99% 1.99% 1.99%
CLK 07, ’08, ’09 1.99% 2.99% 3.99%
GL 07, ’08, ’09 1.99% 2.99% 3.99%

Mercedes Certified Pre Owned Interest Rates / CPO Special APR March 2011

Certified Pre Owned special interest rates from Mercedes-Benz financial were released earlier this week. As cliche as it is for the guy on this side of the table to say it… I’m going to say it anyway, “It’s a good time to buy a Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz”. It’s an especially good time to buy and finance a Certified Pre Owned C class. As 2007, 2008 and 2009 model CPO C classes qualify for 1.9% APR financing all the way out to a 66 month purchase term! It’s a great way to save $40 – $60 per month on a payment.

Other Certified Pre Owned models get 2.9% rates up to 48 months and 3.9% special APR out to 66 months, still quite reasonable and reason enough to pull the trigger now while dealers are eager for Winter business and inventories are still rather robust. 

Special APR interest rates from Mercedes Benz Financial for March 2011:

Class Model Yr 24-36 Months 37-48 Months 49-66 Months
C 07, ’08, ’09      1.99%      1.99%      1.99%
E 07 – ’08      1.99%      2.99%      3.99%
CLK 07 – ’08      1.99%      2.99%      3.99%
M 07 – ’08      1.99%      2.99%      3.99%
GL 07 – ’08      1.99%      2.99%      3.99%

There are a couple of Certified Pre Owned E classes I’ve got my eye on… one in particular is a 2008 model with about 42,500 miles on its odometer.. it’s loaded with options like the P2 Pacakge (relatively rare in a 2008 E class) which give you KEYLESS GO, Navigation and a bunch of other features. It also has split folding rear seats and an electronic trunk closer (pictured below).