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2012 Mercedes Benz C300 4matic Sedan… Three Autoweek Editors Give High Marks!

I was happy to see these very positive reviews that three Autoweek Magazine editors gave the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C300 Luxury model. I’ve been an Autoweek subscriber for almost 15 years now, it’s a great car magazine, a real mix of industry information as well as consumer info.
When these kinds of car guys review cars, so often it’s nothing but complaints unless they’re in the newest Ferrari or a Porsche GT3, handling is never good enough, nothing is ever fast enough, but I was happy to see these very positive reviews of the C class.
Like I always say about the C300.. it’s a great, all around car for every day use. If you want to go to a racetrack, take the BMW 3 series, it’s a better car for that, it’s lower, faster, and handles more like a race car, but for everyday comfort and very good handling, the C class is a great choice. The back seat is no S class, but for every day safety, reliability, good gas mileage and a little fun too… the C300 Sport or Luxury Sedan is a great choice in the crowded entry level luxury sedan segment.
The Autoweek article from autoweek.com:
By: Wes Raynal on 7/11/2012

EDITOR WES RAYNAL: Personally, I think the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C300 is a class act. It’s well built, feels solid like a tank, is fast enough (barely), has good grip with AWD—overall it’s a nice smallish car. I have not driven the new BMW 3-series yet, so at present this is my favorite small German sedan. Perhaps the 3-series will change my mind, but if it rides on BMW’s dreadful run-flat tires, I doubt it.

The car felt fairly nimble considering that it has AWD. But it really shines out on the freeway, where it charges forward so smooth and steady and sure-footed (for a small car), the next thing you know you’re going a bit too much over the speed limit. It’s the solidity and smoothness; it drives like a much bigger car. Does that mean it’s a little soft? A little wafty? Perhaps, but at my advanced age I find I like that more and more.

My only beef is that back-seat room is a little tight. With five-foot-eight-inch me in the driver’s seat and a teenager behind me, legroom is tight back. For short trips it’s fine. On longer ones, I’d probably here some whining.

EXECUTIVE EDITOR ROGER HART: This C-class was a joy to spend some time with. The overall comfort level is quite high, and the only ones who might complain would be those stuck in the back seat. As a daily driver used for commuting to and from the office, this car is perfect. I didn’t find the AWD to really hamper the handling or feel of the car, and in fact, if one was using this as a daily driver anywhere in the snowbelt, having it would be confidence-inspiring. The 3.0-liter V6 is adequate; you won’t win many light-to-light drag races, but the benefit is average fuel economy in the mid-20s.

This car seems a bit stouter than the previous-gen car, a little more robust. That should give buyers some confidence that the thing will last. Previous-generation Cs had some issues with that (see our final report on a long-term C-class wagon as just one example), but this thing is tight, with excellent panel gaps all around and an interior that is simple and straight-forward—once you get the hang of operating the COMAND system.

I was surprised that this car didn’t have a backup camera as it has the standard navigation/infortainment screen, and as far as options, that was the only thing missing. For a car priced in the low $40,000, I think this represents real value in the entry-level luxury segment, and I’d love to have a Baby Benz in my garage.

ROAD TEST EDITOR JONATHAN WONG: The C-class coupe was a new addition to the lineup for the 2012 model year, but the sedan also enjoyed a light update. From a driving standpoint, the seven-speed automatic transmission was updated to be more responsive, more fuel efficient and quieter, and it does perform well. When teamed with this V6, it offers crisp shifts and cracks off downshifts almost immediately after you squeeze the throttle to speed up.

Past C-class cars were a letdown in almost every area, but I’ve become a fan of the current model. Build quality in the interior is much better, with nice materials, and the exterior styling is handsome and clean.

It’s also become a decent handler, displaying respectable grip in corners and decent steering feel and response. One thing Mercedes still needs to work on is the brake-pedal feel that is still too squishy for my liking. In C300 form, this car is still more of an around-town cruiser than a corner carver, which is fine. It’s very comfortable for daily use, with a suspension that absorbs bumps beautifully and a cabin that is well isolated from unwanted noises.

This car still doesn’t have the reflexes of a BMW 3-series, but it has closed the gap a whole lot, and it’s something that you can still have a fair amount of fun with if you throw it around. I just wish Mercedes still offered a manual transmission as it used to back in the old days. That’s about the only thing I miss about the old C-classes.

2012 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Luxury Sedan

Base Price: $38,895

As-Tested Price: $43,980

Drivetrain: 3.0-liter V6; AWD, seven-speed automatic

Output: 228 hp @ 6,000 rpm, 221 lb-ft @ 2,700-5,000 rpm

Curb Weight: 3,737 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA/AW): 20/23.3 mpg

Options: Premium I package including SiriusXM satellite radio, iPod/MP3 media interface, 10-way power driver’s seat with three-position memory, power-adjustable steering column, split-folding rear seats, heated front seats and Harman/Kardon LOGIC7 surround-sound system ($2,500); diamond white paint ($1,515); mbrace in-vehicle services ($660); luxury sedan package including luxury styling, Mercedes-Benz star on hood, 17-inch alloy wheels with all-season tires, luxury interior and Burl Walnut wood trim ($410)

For more information: Check out the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Luxury Sedan at shopautoweek.com

Mercedes S500 or S55 AMG with 80k – 100k Miles, Crazy Idea for a Daily Driver? Not Entirely.

I got an email from Dave Knows Cars Blog reader ‘Steve’ in South Florida a couple of weeks ago. He was looking for a late model Mercedes Benz S class in the 80,000 – 100,000 mile range to use as a daily driver for his 40 mile round trip commute for under $10,000, his questions was simple,  Is this a crazy idea. Well, read on and you will see my answer.

It isn’t an entirely crazy idea, you just have to make sure you find the right car… and he did, as I got an update from him this week, the photo accompanying this post (below) is Steve’s black 2004 S430 that he purchased from a Mercedes-Benz Dealer in Miami just the other day. Congratulations Steve! It looks like you paid up for a very good example that should be a good car for you for many years to come.

Here is Steve’s original email to me:

Sent: Monday, June 25, 2012 9:30 PM
To: dave knows cars
Subject: can you help
Hi Dave
I was considering buying a 80-110k mile c 2001 S Class S500 or S55 for under $10k. I will drive it around 40 miles a day, 5 days a week. Is that a crazy idea?
What should I look for or do before I buy?
My Answer:

On Jun 25, 2012, at 11:42 PM, Dave Tobin wrote:
Hi Steve,I don’t think it’s a completely crazy idea. I would pass on an S55 though. They’re just wound so tightly, such high performance engines will never last as long as the solid 500 V8 and they’re just that much more expensive to fix.

An S500 of the vintage you’re talking about, even under 10k can still be a very good car. I don’t think there’s anything more comfortable and they’re as safe a car as you can buy.Every once in a while we’ll get that 2002 or 2003 model with 50k or 75k miles… maybe it was an old guy’s second car or something, those are great finds and never last long at dealerships, as there’s a huge market for these cars once they get to be so cheap, but you have to find a good one.I wouldn’t necessarily run from a 90 – 110k car… it just has to be a nice one, well maintained.

There are plenty of one or two owner cars that have been well cared for, dealer serviced by the old guy who brings it in when it needs something, but might keep his cars for 8 – 10 years.We have a lot of those kinds of folks at our dealership.

I don’t know where you live, but if you go to the ‘old money’ dealership… more cars like this show up as opposed to the dealerships in the new money areas that lease more cars than they sell.. if that makes any sense to you. You might need to do some demographic research, or find a car guy like me at one of your local dealers, and just kind of ask him about those kinds of guys. They’re out there… you just need someone to call you when they trade in their car for a new model.

With a car of that age and mileage, lots of stuff will have been replaced and repaired on the car, so you can’t get scared about seeing ‘cam seals replaced’ on a Carfax or vehicle history, or ‘transmission fluid leak’ or something like that, they will have all had such problems and will have had things like that replaced.If you try to buy from a private party, ABSOLUTELY have a pre purchase inspection done, even if you’re buying from a dealer, do that… you can take it to a dealer or reputable indy shop that knows the cars. I’d check with someone in your local MB club chapter, call the president, tell them what you’re considering and ask if he would recommend an individual in the club who you could talk to you about finding a place…. they might even know someone with such a car.

I would try to find a very clean car, cosmetically clean, inside and out.. first impressions mean a lot to me when I’m looking at a used car. if it’s clean, inside and out, chances are it was well cared for… and when I mean clean, I don’t just mean, not dirty… but look at the door sills and jambs for wear, look at the buttons on the dash.. are they all work off, the lettering and icons? are the carpets worn and matted from being wet and dry and wet and dry.. or was this the kind of person who put all season mats on top of the carpet mats to protect them?

You’ll want to make sure the suspension is good… bushings and springs are one thing, but the airmatic shocks in these cars can be quite expensive.

They’re going to have chips and imperfections outside at that mileage… but you’re accepting of that I’m sure… but there are cars that have been better cared for than others, you can just tell. Curb rashed wheels are a tell tale sign of a drive / park by feel… I never like those cars.

Those are some of the things I would look at… I have sold S500s with 175k miles on them… they can be good cars for a long time, but hopefully, with the help of a tech and a ppi, you can get one that doesn’t have a ton of immediate needs. I shipped one to a limo service in Colorado, it was an S430 (just as good as a 500), I shipped another old S class to a guy in AZ. People do travel to get these, or use nationwide searches to find them.

I would find a good indy shop to maintain it for you long term, someone who really knows the cars an is trusted by the local MB club. They will be a great resource. Dealership maintenance at that point can be expensive (of course I didn’t just write that, you didn’t hear that from me).

I always say…. and I say this to customers all the time… In the end.. all old cars are like hand grenades without pins… they all blow up eventually… but with proper maintenance, and if you start with a well cared for, decent example, it might not blow up on your watch.

Don’t be afraid to pay up for a really nice example, remember, ‘there is nothing more expensive than a cheap Mercedes-Benz’

Thanks for the question, thanks for reading the blog. Let me know how it turns out.


Steve wrote me again this week, with the results of his search.. .and this happened faster than I would have imagined, but when the right car like this comes along, you can’t wait around.
Steve’s 2004 S430, just purchased from a Miami Mercedes dealer.

From: Steve

Sent: Saturday, July 07, 2012 7:03 PM
To: Dave Tobin
Subject: Re: can you help
Hi Dave
Picked up my 2004 S420 today. Bought from Miami Merc dealer. I’d been to see him and he said he would call when a good one came in. Sold by them in 2004. 2 owners. Trade in against E 350 Perfect carfax report. They did the brakes, ac, full service, wax etc before I picked it up. 91000 miles. $14,200. 90 days warranty. I narrowly missed it being shipped to Colombia but they couldn’t get the cash fast enough!
It’s silent on the road. Auto box is smooth. Engine makes a great purr. Interior spotless. Spare tire never used. Stereo is amazing.
Thanks for your help

That’s how easy it can be… and how funny is it… that Colombians in Miami couldn’t come up with the money fast enough!? I guess I was just a big Miami Vice fan when I was a kid, the Colombians in Miami ALWAYS had the cash!

S65 AMG Road Trip Video! Pseudo German Video Host “Otto” Laments U.S. Speed Limits While Driving a New 2012 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG

Dave Knows Cars Mercedes S65 AMG

Pseudo German video host “Otto” had the opportunity to drive this brand new Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG to a customer in Iowa recently. Based on the voice over in the video Otto is pretty annoyed with the fact that you can have such an incredibly powerful 12 cylinder, Bi Turbo car with over 600 horsepower, but have nowhere to really use it on the highways in the United States. Click the photo above or this link to see the video on YouTube.

This car begs to be pushed, begs to be driven fast, in fact, while driving it you find yourself constantly pulling your foot off the gas in order to stay within the limits of the law. Driving an S65 AMG is a bit like pheasant hunting with an RPG… more than you’ll ever need to accomplish the job, overkill to the max, but if you can do it… why not?

This particular S65 AMG was, of course, built to order. MSRP was just over $216,000. Color was black with black interior. If you have the opportunity to drive, ride or get in an S65… Otto suggests taking advantage of the opportunity, even if you can’t explore the limits of its performance.

What’s ‘Special’ about this 2004 Mercedes Benz SLK Special Edition Besides its 36,009 Miles and Excellent Condition?

2004 Mercedes SLK-special-Edition

2004 SLK230 Kompressor Special Edition with low, low 36,009 miles just traded in at Sears Imports in Minnetonka! This is an extremely clean car, a perfect roadster to enjoy this season, but what’s different about this 2004 Special Edition?
Mercedes SLK-special-Edition

2004 was the last year for this first generation SLK body style, released in 1997 and the retractable hard top convertible which started the shift, by all manufacturers, towards that feature (I mean, even the Chrysler Sebring has a retractable hard top now). They came out with this SLK Special Edition knowing it was the last hurrah for the body style.
Mercedes SLK-special-Edition

The 17″ wheels are unique to this model so too is the rear deck spoiler and the color coded, silver, front grille. The exterior also sports ‘SLK Special Edition’ badging. The inside, to me, is what really sets this apart from normal SLKs. The interior of this car is has sport seats covered in Mercedes’ highest end Nappa Leather as well as leather wrapped roll bars. The dash is unique to this car with silver rimmed gauges, the shift knob is chrome capped, adding a high end look and feel which finishes things off nicely.
Mercedes Nappa Leather

The interior of this car is so nice, it feels more like the interior of its larger, more expensive stable mate of the era, the SL500. I have never seen seats like this before in an SLK, they’re very supportive, comfortable and they look great. The seats in this car show very, very little wear, the bolsters aren’t all creased and worn out like you might see on so many BMW Z4s, Porsche Boxsters or other SLKs of this vintage. This car is tip top, inside and out.
Mercedes SLK-special-Edition Nappa Leather

This is a local, two owner Minnesota car with low mile for the age of the vehicle, it just turned over 36,000 miles. It has a clean, no stories Carfax vehicle history report and is ready to roll today. It was sold here at Sears Imports when it was new and has been serviced exclusively at our dealership throughout its life. It was a trade in here last week, it’s Sears Imports’ stock# 19875C. Priced right at just $16,900.
Mercedes SLK-special-Edition for sale

Affordable Fun from Stuttgart! 2000 Porsche Boxster S Manual Transmission Just 22,384 Miles!

This super clean, low mile 2000 Porsche Boxster S was just acquired by Sears Imports due to its owner moved out of the state. This is an S model with a manual transmission, dark blue metallic exterior with an essentially perfect grey interior with a grey convertible top. No creases or wear on the driver’s seat like so many Boxsters of this vintage… its great condition is largely due to its  low miles, just 22,384 original miles.

The car has had three local Minnesota owners, it’s a no stories, clean Carfax car that’s been fully serviced, it’s ready to go today! Available at Sears Imports in Minnetonka, Stock# 20319, priced for a beautiful late Spring day at $22,900. It’s so new in our inventory that we haven’t even had a chance to take photos of it!

Mercedes Benz Club Twin Cities Section Attends the 2012 InterMarque Spring Kick Off Car Show in Downtown Osseo, MN!

Osseo Car Show Mercedes 300SL
Members of the Twin Cities Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America gathered early Saturday morning, May 12, 2012 at the new Mercedes-Benz dealership in Minnetonka, Sears Imports, to form up and drive North to Osseo, MN for one of the upper Midwest’s largest vintage, foreign car shows… the InterMarque Spring Kick Off Car Show. About 12 cars showed up at Sears Imports to make the 25 minute drive North to Osseo, another 3 or 4 member cars met the group at the show. The mix, and quality of the cars in attendance was spectacular. From the oldest car in attendance, new (only because his membership expired some time ago!) club member David Steingas’ 1951 220s to one of the newest, Matt Jurcich’s super clean 1999 ‘large and in charge’ S500 Grand Edition, the cars looked great and everyone was eager to check out the Intermarque’s new car show venue. For some time the Intermarque Spring Kick off Car Show was held at St. Paul’s Como Park, this was the first year for the show in Osseo.

Minneapolis Mercedes Club Sears Imports
Twin Cities Mercedes Club members meet at Sears Imports to head up to Osseo.

Mercedes-Benz Club members, and their cars, that showed up at Sears Imports for the convoy North were:

Mark Flaten – 1971 280SL
Dave Bortner – 1969 300SEL 6.3
Dave Tobin – 1973 280C
David Steingas – 1951 220S Cabriolet
John Olson – 1959 300SL Roadster
Jack Church – 1985 500SL (euro)
Dean Nolde – 1999 SLK230
Daniel Miller – 1970 280SL
Jim Klecker – 1968 280SL
Matt Jurcich – 1999 S500 Grand Edition
Ron Burg – 1971 280SL

Dave Tobin Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Tobin corrals Mercedes Club members at Sears and passes out maps to the show.

A couple of other members met the group in Osseo including:
Ron Scott – 1980 450SLC
Don Stephenson – 1971 280SL

(I think most of the years of the cars mentioned above are correct, a couple could be a few years off).

Any new venue creates challenges to organizers of a car show of the size and scope of the InterMarque’s Spring Kick Off. Our Mercedes-Benz Club was one of the ‘club sponsors’ of the event. We were told we could pick just 7 cars (all had to have been built prior to 1991) to show on the main street of the show. The rest of our club member cars would be pointed to peripheral parking areas, but still be allowed to park together if we arrived together. Well, once we got there, we ended up with about 9 of our cars on the main drag and and a handful of other down the street and around the corner, others, those build after 1991 were parked in an entirely different area, so we were a bit spread out. In the end, there was plenty of room on the main street, so we really all could have parked together… there was more than enough space, but organizers just weren’t sure how it was going to shake out, so they did their best, which was quite good, this first time around. I spoke with them during the show and it sounds like they’ll apply the lessons learned this year to next year’s show. I would guess we’ll all be able to park in the same area next time.

We pitched our E-Z Up tent to provide us with some shade, set up a table with club membership materials and some back issues of the Northern Star for  passers by to pick up and take with them. It was a great day with a wide variety of cars in attendance.

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Mercedes Benz Club tent and car display.

There were more British cars than anything, as usual, at this show… from MGs and Triumphs to Jaguars, Rolls Royces and Bentleys. There were a good number of Italian cars including a pair of Maserati Ghiblis and handful of Alfa Romeos, I could only find one Ferrari and it happens to belong to a gentleman I know fairly well, he also has two Mercedes-Benz vehicles as daily drivers… he was even wearing his Mercedes-Benz hat all day while standing next to his Ferrari, I guess he has decent taste. There were plenty of German cars as well… more Mercedes than Porsches or BMWs… thanks to our good club turn out.  I haven’t seen so many Citroens in one place since the last time I was in Paris… there seems to be a pretty active Citroen Club here in the Twin Cities.

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
A great turn out of T series MGs and other vintage British cars.

The InterMarque group is a sort of consortium of car clubs… it is a single organization that sort of compiles information about all the different foreign car clubs in the upper Midwest, their events, website information, etc. and publishes a monthly online newsletter with car show and event information as well as articles and reports that are of interest to all sorts of car enthusiasts. They also hold regular events throughout the Spring and Summer, the group meets every Saturday morning at the Square Peg Diner in Minneapolis every Saturday morning. If you’re into old cars and want to keep up with what is happening in the Twin Cities old car scene you need to sign up to receive email updates from the InterMarque. Visit their website by clicking this link and sign up to receive InterMarque Updates, it’s FREE!

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Ferrari Mondial, Maserati Ghibli.

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Wheels of Italy organizer Dan Schaefer's Alfa Romeo GTV.


Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
MBCA-TC member Matt Jurcich's 1999 S500 Grand Edition.


Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Steingas' 220S followed by Olson's 300SL, Bortner's 6.3, Flaten's 280SL and on down the line.
Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Jack Church's red 500SL, Tobin's '73 280 Coupe.

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo

John Olson 300SL Roadster

Mercedes Club Minneapolis cars Show

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Dave Bortner's 6.3.
David Tobin Dave Knows Cars Blog
Dave Tobin's 1973 280C.

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club


Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Great looking Jaguar XK120.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Morgans are rare... Drophead Coupes are even rarer.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Citroen Traction Avant sedan.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Big 1925 Bentley.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
1955 Porsche 550 Spyder replica painted up like one of the Carrera Panamericana cars.


Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
More MGs than you can shake a stick at.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club Ferrari
Some nefarious characters were even allowed into the show... Mercedes owner Alkis Michaelides brought his newest midlife crisis... a 1992 Ferrari Mondial.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Schaefer's Alfa GTV.

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Pretty MG TC.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
This Mercedes-Benz 190SL showed up with a for sale sign in it... looked a bit tired for a $47,000 asking price.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Late in the day, and MG TD drives off, pipe in teh driver's mouth and all.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Show's over... Olson drives off, Flaten not far behind.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Following Olson in his 300SL (trying to keep up anyway).

One of the most fun parts of the day for me was driving back home… following John Olson all the way down Plymouth Rd / Xenium Lane / Zachary Lane for about 15 miles. People might not know what he’s driving, but all eyes, through every intersection, were on that 300SL, there is just something about that car, that shape… it absolutely must be one of the all time great designs. They look good in photos, on paper, but nothing prepares you for how they look gliding over the road at speed. A special day indeed.

InterMarque Spring Kick Off Car Show This Saturday, May 12th in Osseo, MN Join Twin Cities Mercedes Benz Club Members and Convoy to the Show!

Intermarque Spring-Kickoff car show Mercedes
Join the Mercedes Benz Club Twin Cities “Convoy to the InterMarque Spring Kick Off Car Show” in Osseo, MN…
This Saturday, May 12!
THE EVENT: One of the largest foreign car shows in the upper Midwest. A casual, easy, no pressure, event. From show cars to old drivers… bring a pre 1991 ‘Classic’ or a post 1991 ‘Modern Classic’ all foreign cars are welcome.
ADMISSION: FREE! But… the show organizers encourage a canned food donation as you pull in to show your car, pack a can of something, let’s help the local food shelf.
THE PLAN: If we arrive together, we’ll show our cars together as a big Mercedes Club group. Meet up with other Mercedes Club members to convoy to the show together.
MEET: Sears Imports in Minnetonka at 8:00am – 8:15, in the lot just WEST of the main Sears lot, near the big digital billboard. 13500 Wayzata Blvd in Minnetonka, Northwest corner of the intersection of I-394 and Plymouth Rd / Ridgedale Drive, across I-394 from Target Ridgedale.
DEPART: We’ll leave Sears about 8:30am to convoy North to downtown Osseo, MN. We will take Plymouth Rd / Xenium Lane all the way, about 20 – 25 minutes on leisurely back roads
Car placement begins at 9:00, show goes from 10:00am until 3:00pm, stay for an hour or stay all day, leave when you want.
CONTACT: Please RSVP to Dave Tobin via phone or email ASAP. (651) 216-1265 or dave(at)daveknowscars.com
The Twin Cities Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America one of the InterMarque Show Sponsors this year.
There are already 12 Mercedes Club member cars in the convoy… come join us!

Sears Imports Mercedes-Benz Open Haus! Join Us for Food, Cars and Fun, Saturday, May 12 from 11:00am – 3:00pm

Sears Imports Mercedes Open House

Sears Imports Mercedes-Benz is having a Spring Open Haus on Saturday, May 12, 2012! Come join us at the dealership between 11:00am and 3:00pm for FREE gourmet German food from Deutschland Meats, beverages and other refreshments while you browse our new and pre owned vehicle inventory.

We expect to have a new 2013 SL550 on hand for the Open Haus, as we are already beginning to receive new 2013 SL inventory.

There will be great lease and purchase deals available for all new 2012 vehicles including our entire E and M class inventory as well as C class and GLK class vehicles. There are also special deals on Certified Pre Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles… the Special Coupe and Cabriolet CPO event continues… Interest rates as low as 1.99% APR are available on Certified Pre Owned CLK convertibles!

Come on out for lunch or come on out to find that new car… everyone is welcome!

Sears Imports Announces 1st Annual Spring White Sale April 27th – 30th!

Sears Imports Spring-White-Sale

No Joke… we have an entire lot of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, from C, E and S classes to R, GL, M, GLK classes… all in white.. a mixture of Arctic White and Diamond White Metallic really… and of course, we have other colors too… but the big push is WHITE cars for Spring 2012.
arctic white diamond white mercedes

We have more than 80 new Mercedes-Benz vehicles currently in stock. Interest rates are as low as they’ve been in years, lease rates are aggressive and we’re having a record month this April of 2012.

If you’re even close to making a car buying decision, you owe it to your self to come in this weekend and take advantage of the inventory and aggressive deals here at Sears Imports.
arctic white diamond white mercedes

If you’d like to see a specific model (no matter what color) please feel free to give me a call, I’d be happy to set up an appointment for you.

Supercharged Bargain! 2004 SL55 AMG $124,000+ New, For Sale Today at Just $36,900!


This used SL55 AMG is a rare find as a used car, it was just traded in here at Sears Imports by a long time customer who replaced it with an equally cool car. This SL55 AMG Roadster had an original MSRP of over $124,000. Today it has 59,805 miles on its odometer and is for sale for $36,900. It is black with a Charcoal interior and a dark grey alcantara headliner.
used Mercedes SL55-AMG-price

It’s as fully equipped as you’d expect of a six figure car, navigation, KEYLESS GO, all the goodies. The previous owner rear ended someone with the car a couple of weeks ago, it was a low speed impact that crumpled the front grill of the car and scuffed the bumper, our body shop did the repairs to the vehicle, which were extremely minor… you could buy and own this one with pride.
Used SL55-AMG-for sale Sears Imports

It’s Sears Imports stock# 65727B and is available for sale today at a fraction of the vehicle’s original price, buy it today for just $36,900 and enjoy this long Spring and Summer with speed and style.