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Sears Imports Announces 1st Annual Spring White Sale April 27th – 30th!

Sears Imports Spring-White-Sale

No Joke… we have an entire lot of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, from C, E and S classes to R, GL, M, GLK classes… all in white.. a mixture of Arctic White and Diamond White Metallic really… and of course, we have other colors too… but the big push is WHITE cars for Spring 2012.
arctic white diamond white mercedes

We have more than 80 new Mercedes-Benz vehicles currently in stock. Interest rates are as low as they’ve been in years, lease rates are aggressive and we’re having a record month this April of 2012.

If you’re even close to making a car buying decision, you owe it to your self to come in this weekend and take advantage of the inventory and aggressive deals here at Sears Imports.
arctic white diamond white mercedes

If you’d like to see a specific model (no matter what color) please feel free to give me a call, I’d be happy to set up an appointment for you.

Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Special APR Interest Rates September 2011 – 1.99% APR up to 66 mos. on ’08 and ’09 C classes!

used Mercedes sale

More great deals for buyers of Certfied Pre Owned Mercedes Benz vehicles during the month of September 2011! Special interest rates are available from Mercedes Benz Financial, as usual, but what’s nice is that a few new classes have been added to the special APR deals. The GL, SLK and CLS models are now eligible for special financing, and if you’re looking for a CPO C class, you’re info a pleasant surprise!

All 2008 and 2009 CPO vehicles listed in the chart below get super low 1.99% APR if you’re financing for a short 36 month term, for the mid term, up to 48 months, rates move up to 2.99% and for long term, 66 month finance contracts the rates go up to a very livable 3.99% special APR from Mercedes-Benz Financial. The only class that doesn’t follow this pattern is the C class. All Certified Pre Owned C class cars from 2008 and 2009 model years are eligible for super low 1.99% APR up to 66 months!
Mercedes interest rates

Sears Imports has an especially good inventory of eligible 2008 and 2009 CPO cars to choose from, several with low miles and cars with lots of options. We’ve got a P2 Package car in stock as well as several C300s with the Multimedia Package which includes navigation and all the other telematics goodies.

New Mercedes Deals for September! Special APR Interest Rates on Remaining 2011 Model Mercedes Benz Vehicles

Mercedes special APR
The end of the model year is upon. Because most automakers scaled production back during the tough economic times over the past year and a half or so (Mercedes included) inventories aren’t as big as in some previous years, however, there are some great deals to be had on the last remaining 2011 model Mercedes-Benz vehicles, especially the cars on the upper end of the price scale. While special APR interest rates are available across the product line, and very good rates all the way around, it’s the top end S and GL class buyers who will enjoy the lowest interest rates for the longest terms when financing new vehicles during the month of September 2011.

mercedes interest rates
Special new vehicle APR interest rates from MBF for September 2011.

How does 1.9% APR sound for up to five and a half years on the purchase of a new S class or GL450 or GL550? Such rates are unheard of on these cars at the highest end of the Mercedes Benz price spectrum, I’ve never seen rates this low for long term loans on these models, ever!

Buyers of the bread and butter C and M class vehicles benefit from low 2.9% financing for up to 66 months, while E class cars (including diesels) get 3.9% special APR interest rates out to 66 months.

It is true that there isn’t the glut of unsold 2011 inventory sitting on dealer lots, the inventory numbers are way down over previous years, so if you find a car that works for you and you can take advantage of these interest rates there is really no time to hesitate. Dealers will be less and less apt to ‘dealer trade’ for a car built just so as the last of the 2011s begin to disappear. Of course, you can get whatever you want by placing a factory order for a 2012 model, but if you’re looking for the proverbial “DEAL”… you’re going to have to make due with what’s still available, time is short, you should move quickly.

2012 models are currently all using standard bank rates, NO SPECIAL FINANCING, except on 2012 GLK models which are available with 2.9% special APR from Mercedes-Benz Financial.

Mercedes Benz Sales Figures June 2011 – Best June in MBUSA History! Sales up 10.4% for First Half of 2011

What a month! June 2011 was the strongest June for Mercedes-Benz USA sales on record while 2011 represents the best first half sales totals for MBUSA EVER, 22,563 total units sold in June 2011 with 118,021 total units sold YTD for 2011, Wow! I’ve posted the official MBUSA press release regarding the June 2011 sales figures below the sales chart showing total units by class.

What I find so interesting, and exciting here, is that a bunch of great new models haven’t even been released yet and Mercedes-Benz is putting up these very strong lease numbers… the all new, re-designed ML is due in soon, the C class coupe hasn’t even arrived in dealerships yet and Mercedes-Benz is putting up huge sales numbers. Where will the numbers go when these new, direct injection engines are available in all of these vehicles?

As cliche as it is for the car guy to say it… it really is a good time to buy a new vehicle. We’re paying more for good trade ins than ever before, finance and lease rates are at historic lows… it’s not rhetoric… read anything online and you’ll hear the same message, it’s a good time to buy or lease a new vehicle.

Here are the numbers by class:

Click chart to enlarge.

Official MBUSA Press Release:


 Sales Up 18.8% for the Month and 10.4 % for the First Half of the Year

MONTVALE, N.J. – Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) today reported June sales of 22,563 vehicles, an 18.8 % improvement over June 2010, and the company’s highest June volume and first half of the year on record. On a year-to-date basis, the 118,021 vehicles sold represent a 10.4% increase.

The highest volume performers for the month were the E- and C-Class model lines. The 9th generation E-Class led the pack with sales of 5,798, up 19.1% over June 2010. The sporty C-Class –the gateway to the Mercedes-Benz brand for younger and first-time Mercedes-Benz buyers – continued its strong momentum with sales of 4,620. MBUSA’s stylish SUV, the M-Class, finished third in volume with monthly sales of 3,071, up 44.6% over last June. Additionally, sales of the all-new 2012 CLS-Class four-dour coupe were up 645.5% and the full-sized GL-Class SUV posted a 75.9% increase over June 2010.

Sales of Mercedes-Benz diesel models were up 128.4% for the month (1,231 versus 539) and up 188.3 % for the year (5,953 versus 2,727).

At the high end, sales of the commanding G-Class were up 89.1% for the month and the company sold 18 of its supercar — the SLS AMG — bringing its year-to-date sales to 348.

Sales of Sprinter Vans also increased by 162.5% for the month, with sales of 1,911 – bringing a year-to-date total of 7,095 (up 102.1 %).

Separately, through the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned (MBCPO) program, MBUSA sold 6,413 vehicles in June 2011, a decrease of 0.2%. On a year-to-date basis, MBCPO sold 39,863 vehicles, a decrease of 3.6 % over the comparable period last year.

About Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, is responsible for the distribution, marketing and customer service for all Mercedes-Benz and Maybach products in the United States. MBUSA offers drivers the most diverse line-up in the luxury segment with 12 model lines ranging from the sporty C-Class to the flagship S-Class sedans and the SLS AMG supercar.

MBUSA is also responsible for the distribution, marketing and customer service of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans in the US.
More information on MBUSA and its products can be found at www.mbusa.com, and www.mbsprinterusa.com.

Still in the Wrapper! Quartz Blue Mercedes-Benz C300 4matic Sport, Premium 1 Package and Multimedia Package!

This 2011 Mercedes-Benz C300 4matic Sport model, in the rare Quartz Blue Metallic color, just rolled off the transporter! This is a very well equipped 2011 model C class with a grey / black interior, on the outside it’s got the new LED daytime running lamps on the lower part of the front bumper too.

This in only about the third or fourth Quartz Blue C class I’ve seen come through the dealership, and it’s nicely equipped. The complete window sticker / option list is below for your reference, its got the Premium 1 Package (P1 Package), Multimedia Package as well as heated seats and a couple of other options.

You could drive a long way in this one and never see another like it. MSRP is $45,155, but with all the incentives out there this month, chances are you can get it for considerably less than that.

New Mercedes Benz Special Finance Rates for June 2011: GL450 and 550 Models Added! 1.9% – 3.9%

New Mercedes-Benz Financial special APR finance rates were released today for June 2011. They remain largely the same as last month, with the addition of special financing on GL450 and 550 models. That’s a fairly rare finance special, I don’t see much on the GL450 very often, and I can’t remember the last time there were any finance specials on the high end GL550 SUV. Rates are 2.9% up to 36 months or 3.9% up to 66 months on new 2011 model GLs.

Class Model Yr 24-36 Months 37-66 Months
C (300 + 350) 2011 1.99% 2.99%
E (350) 2011 2.99% 3.99%
M (350) 2011 1.99% 2.99%
GLK 2011 1.99% 2.99%
GL (450 + 550) 2011 2.99% 3.99%

C, M and GLK class vehicles continue at 1.9% for a short 36 month finance term and a 2.9% rate for up to 66 months. The E class uses the same rates as last month, and the same rates as the GL class, 2.9% up to 36 months or 3.9% up to 66 months.

It’s shaping up to be a good Summer for new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, these rates make it easier to get into the vehicle you’ve got your eye on.

Mercedes Benz Interest Rates Announced! Certified Pre Owned Special APR February 2011

Mercedes Benz Certified Pre Owned Special APR Interest rates for February 2011 have been announced!

You might notice that Special APR interest rates for Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre Owned vehicles have remained unchanged from last month. If you can swing a shorter term, 36 or 48 month loan you’re in very good shape in terms of overall interest you will pay on your car loan. We seem to forget also, that you’re not as apt to end up ‘upside down’ in a car loan when you finance on a shorter term due to depreciation.

2008 C classes are becoming quite affordable… reaching the low to mid $20k range with good APR support from Mercedes-Benz Financial. Here are the rates for January from Mercedes-Benz Financial. Don’t forget to have a look at the new Certified Pre Owned Warranty options just introducecd this month… for the first time ever, you can get Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz Warranty up to 135,000 miles now, not just to the 100,000 mile mark as has been the case in the past.

Class Model Yr 24-36 Mos. 37-48 Mos. 49-66 Mos.
C 07, ’08, ’09 1.99% 1.99% 2.99%
E 07 – ’08 1.99% 2.99% 3.99%
M 07 – ’08 1.99% 2.99% 3.99%
GL 07 – ’08 1.99% 2.99% 4.99%

Mars Red Mercedes GLK350 with AMG Sport Package at Feldmann Imports

This Mars Red GLK350 is sitting on our showroom floor. In today’s world of black, while and silver cars why not stand out with this red GLK. It’s nicely equipped with the AMG Sport Package which includes the cool AMG wheels and the LED daytime running lamps (close up photo below).

GLKs qualify for 1.9% financing on a short 36 month loan term, 2.9% is available up to 66 months. These represent the lowest interest rates we’ve seen on new GLKs all year and a deal not to be missed. The original window sticker is included below for this particluar GLK. It’s in stock and ready to roll today… did I mention, it’s 4matic? This all wheel drive system will keep you safe with plenty of traction all winter.