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Mercedes Benz Sales Figures June 2011 – Best June in MBUSA History! Sales up 10.4% for First Half of 2011

What a month! June 2011 was the strongest June for Mercedes-Benz USA sales on record while 2011 represents the best first half sales totals for MBUSA EVER, 22,563 total units sold in June 2011 with 118,021 total units sold YTD for 2011, Wow! I’ve posted the official MBUSA press release regarding the June 2011 sales figures below the sales chart showing total units by class.

What I find so interesting, and exciting here, is that a bunch of great new models haven’t even been released yet and Mercedes-Benz is putting up these very strong lease numbers… the all new, re-designed ML is due in soon, the C class coupe hasn’t even arrived in dealerships yet and Mercedes-Benz is putting up huge sales numbers. Where will the numbers go when these new, direct injection engines are available in all of these vehicles?

As cliche as it is for the car guy to say it… it really is a good time to buy a new vehicle. We’re paying more for good trade ins than ever before, finance and lease rates are at historic lows… it’s not rhetoric… read anything online and you’ll hear the same message, it’s a good time to buy or lease a new vehicle.

Here are the numbers by class:

Click chart to enlarge.

Official MBUSA Press Release:


 Sales Up 18.8% for the Month and 10.4 % for the First Half of the Year

MONTVALE, N.J. – Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) today reported June sales of 22,563 vehicles, an 18.8 % improvement over June 2010, and the company’s highest June volume and first half of the year on record. On a year-to-date basis, the 118,021 vehicles sold represent a 10.4% increase.

The highest volume performers for the month were the E- and C-Class model lines. The 9th generation E-Class led the pack with sales of 5,798, up 19.1% over June 2010. The sporty C-Class –the gateway to the Mercedes-Benz brand for younger and first-time Mercedes-Benz buyers – continued its strong momentum with sales of 4,620. MBUSA’s stylish SUV, the M-Class, finished third in volume with monthly sales of 3,071, up 44.6% over last June. Additionally, sales of the all-new 2012 CLS-Class four-dour coupe were up 645.5% and the full-sized GL-Class SUV posted a 75.9% increase over June 2010.

Sales of Mercedes-Benz diesel models were up 128.4% for the month (1,231 versus 539) and up 188.3 % for the year (5,953 versus 2,727).

At the high end, sales of the commanding G-Class were up 89.1% for the month and the company sold 18 of its supercar — the SLS AMG — bringing its year-to-date sales to 348.

Sales of Sprinter Vans also increased by 162.5% for the month, with sales of 1,911 – bringing a year-to-date total of 7,095 (up 102.1 %).

Separately, through the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned (MBCPO) program, MBUSA sold 6,413 vehicles in June 2011, a decrease of 0.2%. On a year-to-date basis, MBCPO sold 39,863 vehicles, a decrease of 3.6 % over the comparable period last year.

About Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, is responsible for the distribution, marketing and customer service for all Mercedes-Benz and Maybach products in the United States. MBUSA offers drivers the most diverse line-up in the luxury segment with 12 model lines ranging from the sporty C-Class to the flagship S-Class sedans and the SLS AMG supercar.

MBUSA is also responsible for the distribution, marketing and customer service of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans in the US.
More information on MBUSA and its products can be found at www.mbusa.com, and www.mbsprinterusa.com.