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What is the Mercedes Benz Competitor Conquest Certificate Program and How Does it Work? Conquest Program Continues Through October 2011!

Mercedes Competitor Conquest

The Mercedes Benz Competitor Conquest Certificate Program that Mercedes-Benz has been offering for the past several months is still active, it’s in place through the end of October 2011! This is a GREAT program for new car purchases, if you’re looking for a deal, and you currently lease or own any of the 11 above mentioned competing luxury brands, look no further.

How does the Mercedes Benz Competitor Conquest Program Work?

Simple and straight forward: If you currently own or lease a BMW, Audi,. Lexus, Porsche, Jaguar, Range Rover / Land Rover, Acura, Infiniti, Cadillac, Lincoln or Volvo vehicle and you lease or buy any of the eligible Mercedes Benz vehicles (everything except the SLS AMG or Sprinter), you’re in for a big discount. You simply have to prove ownership, or better said, prove that the vehicle is currently registered to you, and the discounts will be applied by your local dealer at the time of the new car purchase. You don’t have to trade in the competitor’s car, simply prove ownership.

Mercedes Competitor Conquest Discounts By Class – October 2011
There is no trick, there is no catch. If you have any of these competing luxury brands you’re in for big competitor conquest discounts. I personally took advantage of this program when I leased my new C300 several months ago. I owned a 1998 Volvo V70R station wagon at the time, it had about 108,000 miles on it, it was 13 years old and in need of some expensive repairs. I ended up using that car to take advantage of the Competitor Conquest Program from Mercedes-Benz, I got $2,000 towards the new C class lease and ended up selling the Volvo to my friend and mechanic that had been maintaining it for me for the past several years. He did the repairs the car needed and got a great car, I got a big discount on my new C class… a win / win.

Step up now if you want to take advantage of the program, there are a very limited number of 2011 models left, across all classes and when they’re gone, they’re gone. The 2012 models are eligible for discounts too, but just not as large depending upon what you’re buying.