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2015 Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally – Recap and Photos

This year marked the 4th Annual Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally. More of a driving tour than a true rally, as there is no time, speed or distance to keep track of per se, unless your keeping track of the next meal time. You don’t need a fancy car to participate, you just need a good attitude and a car that’s at least 20 years old. Heck, on the 1st Walleye 1000 I drove an old Mercedes I bought for 3,000 bucks!

This year we had 60 people, 2 dogs, 31 cool old cars (20 years old and older), 2 days and 400+ miles over back roads along the Mississippi River in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We started in Prescott, WI and took a circuitous route covering about 200 miles over some pretty incredible back roads en route to a hotel in La Crosse, WI. all 60 participants had dinner at Piggy’s Restaurant in downtown La Crosse.

Sunday morning it was up for another day of driving, there were storms overnight Saturday, but we didn’t get rained on at all during the driving part of the event. Sunday was gorgeous and the event culminated in the finisher’s dinner at Axel’s Restaurant in Mendota.

The 2016 Walleye 1000 will be June 4 – 5 , 2016. If you’re looking for a lot of laid back fun with a group of people as eclectic as the cars they drive, check out the Walleye 1000 website to learn more.  It’s about  as much fun as you can have on 4 wheels.

Some photos below and almost 200 photos on a flickr page here.
Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally Porsche 356























Hoard of 35+ Cars Including Ex-Catalina Island Rental Fleet Mini Mokes Finally Sees Light of Day – Most For Sale

“Hey Dave, I want to consolidate the cars I have stored in a couple of barns and sell this stuff off, can you help?” It’s the kind of call I always look forward to receiving. This time it came from a car guy buddy I’ve known for a few years, a long time SCCA member, ex-ice racer, ex-everything racer and all around good old hopeless car guy. I had heard about his ‘collection’ (or hoard) a handful of times, but had never seen it.

When he called me back in April he explained that the farmer he had been renting one of the barns from for more than 15 years sold the property and he had to have the cars out by August 1, so, he wanted to sell a bunch of these cars off “I’ve just realized I’m not going to get to all of them” he explained over the phone… a realization some car guys never actually even come to.

He has about 35 cars / vehicles, that were spread over three different barns at two different locations separated by about 25 miles in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area of Minnesota. In April of this year I went out with him, to both locations, to take these photos, and to help him take some kind of inventory of all the ‘stuff’. I told him I would take photos, but that I didn’t want to post them anywhere until he was ‘ready’ to field the calls I figured would probably come rolling in.

Have a look a 100+ photos on the Dave Knows Cars Flickr page.

Click here for a a PDF of the Excel spreadsheet of the inventory of all the cars and basic descriptions.

Click here for an a 4 page PDF ‘map’ of each barn and location of each car, so you can figure out what’s in all of the photos (#s on map correspond to #s on inventory sheet)

I have no vested interest in the sale of any of these cars,  (although I hope to buy one of the ex-‘Catalina Auto Rental’ Mini Mokes before they’re all gone) If you’re interested in something you see in the photos call the owner TOM SCHRAMM in Minneapolis, MN
He told me to post his mobile phone number here… 612-578- six six tw0 tw0. (more photos and additional description of my trip out to see all this stuff below).

He recently moved all of the cars to one location, about 1/2 hour West of Minneapolis, they’re now housed in two buildings on one property.

All of these cars are somewhere on the ‘project continuum’  (obviously) and we all know that it can be pretty labor intensive to sell such an amalgamation of stuff. He says he’s ‘ready’ to sell them, and in fact, a few have already been sold (one of the MGBs, the Alfa GTV, one of the bugeye sprites) but many other interesting cars remain.

Highlights include: A Moretti 850 Tour de Monde Coupe, 10+ ex-Catalina Island rental fleet Mini Mokes, a couple of Mini Cooper Ss, two Morris Minor convertibles, a Datsun 2000 Spider, a bunch of other Minis, a couple of VW based Pumas (1 coupe, 1 convertible). It was simply an overwhelming day climbing through this stuff.
Austin Mini Moke Collection Barn Find
Mini Cooper and a couple of ex-Catalina Island Mini Mokes.

Barn Find Thames Frieghter
Thames Freighter van.


Barn Find Austin Mini Moke
Ex-Catalina Auto Rental cars, stacked like cord wood.

Barn Find Austin Mini Moke

Barn Find Austin Mini Moke
Red cars are Mini Cooper S models, one early car w/ sliding windows.

Barn Find Austin Mini Moke

Barn Find Austin Mini Moke

Barn Find Moretti 850 Coupe
Moretti 850 Tour du Monde Coupe.

Moretti 850 Coupe

Barn Find Austin Mini Moke
Minis everywhere, vans, woody wagons, race cars, all kinds.

VW Puma Convertible
White Datsun 2000, red Puma Convertible.

VW Puma Coupe
Purple Puma Coupe.

Barn Find Datsun 2000 Roadster

Barn Find MGB

Barn Find Triumph Herald
Triumph Herald w/ detachable hard top.

Mini Cooper Barn Find

1969 Austin 7 Mini
1959 Austin 7.

Morris Minor Convertible
Early Morris Minor Convertible.

Mini Ranger Kit Car
Mini Ranger kit car.

Vanden Plas Princess Mini Cooper pick up and Vanden Plas Princess.

Mini Cooper Race car
Mini Cooper race car.

Mini Cooper S Parts
Tons of Mini parts and pieces everywhere.