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New Mercedes Benz Special Finance Rates 1.9% – 3.9% APR: May 2011

Mercedes-Benz released aggressive new car interest rates for the “bread and butter” vehicles in the Mercedes line up for the month of May 2011. The C, E, GLK and M class vehicles are all eligible for special finance rates as low as 1.9% for short 36 month terms, a point or two higher for loans as long as 5 and a half years depending upon the model you buy.

Class Model Yr 24-36 Months 37-66 Months
C (300 + 350) 2011 1.99% 2.99%
E (350) 2011 2.99% 3.99%
M (350) 2011 1.99% 2.99%
GLK 2011 1.99% 2.99%

Even if you’re in a position to pay cash for your new Mercedes Benz, you can take advantage of the 1.9% financing for 36 months freeing up the cash to work for you somewhere else. 1.9% is almost free money.

Silver Bullet! 2010 Mercedes E350 Just 15,000 miles Over $57k New

2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 4matic, Iridium Silver w/ Black interior, just traded in! This one was traded in the other day on another new Mercedes. It’s a Sport model equipped with the Premium 1 Package (P1 Package) and all the goodies that go along with it… Navigation, back up camera, heated seats, Bluetooth, Voice Control Satellite Radio, etc.

This is a one owner, clean Carfax, no stories ‘new body’ E class that’s ready to roll. Original window sticker is below for your reference. Factory warranty of 4 years or 50k miles is intact and stays with the car when you buy it. Save yourself almost $10k in depreciation… it’s available for sale today for $48,981. Feldmann Imports’ stock# M1221A.

Lightly Used 2010 Mercedes E350 4matic Arctic White – Just 5,399 miles – Save Big $

This 2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 4matic in Arctic White with black interior was just traded in here at Feldmann Imports yesterday. This represents an excellent opportunity to get into a new body E class with low miles at a significant savings. It’s got Navigation, back up camera, SIRIUS satellite radio, AMG Sport Package, heated seats and iPod kit, and a bunch of other features.

The original window sticker is below for your reference. This one won’t last long, as the initial depreciation has already been taken on this one. Make it a Merry Christmas and put this white E class in your garage today… 4matic all wheel drive will make short work of the snow here in Minnesota. Feldmann Imports Stock# M1002A, price is $49,981.

Rare Winter Edition Mercedes E350 Sienna Black AMG Sport Package Only $21,988

This is the first Winter Edition E class I’ve ever seen in person. It’s a 2007 E350 4matic in the rare Sienna Black color, it was just traded in on a Pre Owned Range Rover. The Winter Edition was a special edition package in 2007, I have included the original windo sticker / option list below for your review. A few option highlights… Bi-xenon headlamps, cornering fog lamps, heated seats, AMG Sport Package (really cool wheels), and 4matic of course.

The guy who traded it in did drive a lot, the car has about 80,500 miles on it. We have inspected and serviced the vehicle fully, it’s ready to provide its next owner another 80,000 miles of comfortable cruising. Price is $21,988, Feldmann Imports Stock# P8970A1.

Mercedes Benz E350 and E550 Colors: 11 Standard + Special Colors to Choose From

2011 E350 with Special Order Cuprite Brown paint

When considering any new car, color is always an important choice for most people. The color of a car often defines the car and its owner. The same car can be perceived as elegant in one color and agressive in another, you can drive a cop magnet or an understated sleeper, depending on the color.

I’m putting a series together on the available colors of the different Mercedes-Benz classes. The common colors, the more rare colors, and available special order colors. I’ve decided to start with the E class because it is currently the best selling class of Mercedes-Benz vehicle in the United States.  Year to date sales of the new body E class through the end of October 2010 stand at 50,298, way up from the same time last year when there had been just 32,811 E class cars sold in the U.S. For such a ‘bad’ economy, a lot of people are buying $55,000 (minimum!) cars.

 I see a lot of new E classes come and go each month, I also talk to a lot of customers who want something very specific and assume every dealer will have several cars in each color to choose from. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Of course, you can get whatever color you want… if you want a pink one with ostrich interior, it can be done, at a price. 

Let’s look at what I would consider the most common colors:

Black and Arctic White are the only two ‘standard’ E class sedan colors, they are the only two non-metallic paint colors with no upcharge on the window sticker. Any other color except black or Arctic White will be an additional $720, except for Diamond White Metallic which is a $1,515 upcharge.

Iridium Silver rounds out the top three most popular / most common colors for new E class sedans, this is bright silver, regular silver so to speak. I’ve included two other metallic colors on the list of common colors, they are Steel Grey and Palladium Silver. It’s tough to figure these colors out by looking at the swatches above. Most dealers will have all of these colors represented on their lot, if not on E classes, certainly on something, C, ML and GL class vehicles all come in these colors.

Moving on to the less common colors:

Quartz Blue was a new color for the 2010 model year, it appears on E and C class cars. I’ve seen two E classes come through Feldmann Imports since the new body style was introduced, I actually sold one of them while I was still on the showfloor. That color seems to appeal to a fairly thin market, but when the right person comes in, they fall in love with it.

Capri Blue is not a real uncommon E class color, we usually have one of these in stock, it’s a very nice dark metallic blue and is most commonly found with an Almond Mocha interior, it’s actually one of my favorite colors on an E class, understated and elegant.

Jade Green is always an ellusive color. It’s rare on any car that offers it as a color, and while doing a nationwide search I couldn’t find a single Jade Green E class sedan, in fact, the color does not appear as a search criteria at all for E class sedans, so, I need to do some research and find out if it is still being offered on the E class sedan. There is one E class wagon available in the entire country currently in Jade Green.

Pearl Beige was a new color that was introduced on the E class last year, this color, along with Obsidian Black (a metallic black) and Indium Grey are all good colors, but fairly rare. If you want one of these there is a good chance your local dealer may need to perform a dealer trade to bring it in for you.

Cuprite Brown (the color of the car in the photo at the top of this post) is a special order color available on the E class. There are always some of these special order cars in regular dealer inventory, so if you’re interested in this very deep, rich color just ask around, chances are you’ll find one. We’ve had several of these this year, more of this color in fact that Indium Grey, Pearl Beige or Quartz Blue.

The metallic Diamond White color doesn’t appear in the list of swatches, but it is available on the E class. It’s sort of a pearl white color and quite rare. There are about 5 E class vehicles currently in the United States painted this color. Generally, the cars that are painted this color will be cars with lots of options added to them.

That pretty much wraps up the standard colors available on the E class. There are a number of other colors available if you get into the designo color line. There are several matte finish paints avialble in this line of specialty colors, such as designo Magno Cashmere White, designo Magno Alanite Grey and designo Magno Platinum. There are a number of other special designo paints for the E class as well, some of these colors also appear as special order colors for the new SLS AMG. So, you have quite a few choices if you want to get into these specialty colors. Chances are there won’t be more than about 4 or 5 cars in these colors in dealer inventory across the U.S. so if you don’t like how the available cars are optioned you’ll probably have to place a factory order.

Different car buyers have different ideas about color. If you’re a ‘deal shopper’ always looking for the best deal, you’ll have to be open to color, and probably be open to what’s on your local dealer’s lot. If you’re a ‘absolutely must be my way shopper’ you’re with teh right brand, Mercedes-Benz has a lot of special color choices, and has even been known to develop specific one-off colors for some customers. Most of us usually fall somewhere in between. I’ve found that if you’re open to about three color options, you’ll do just fine locally. You’ll get teh right car and you’ll get a good deal.

Mercedes Cuprite Brown Color E350 – Less than 20 Available in the U.S.A.!

2011 Cuprite Brown E350 Sport on show floor at Feldmann Imports.

A new and interesting color that Mercedes-Benz introduced for the 2011 model year, as a special order color only, is Cuprite Brown. While Cuprite Brown is a ‘special order’ color, a certain amount of cars are built and painted this color for regular dealer inventory. I just performed a nationwide dealer search through the MB ‘intra-net’ and found less than 20 Cuprite Brown E350 4matic cars available at dealers in the entire United States.

What’s Cuprite? Cuprite is a non-magnetic, redish brown, igneous rock often found among granite. So… the color Mercedes-Benz came up with is a very dark redish brown metallic. In some light it looks black, in very bright sun it looks like a dark, dark brown / burgandy color… see the close up photo of the front end of this in stock car:

2011 E350 Sport, AMG Wheel Package, cool daytime running LEDs.

When you stare into a Cuprite Brown E class you can seemingly see for miles, it’s a dark, rich color and looks great with the Almond interior with black accents.

Interior of our subject car: Almond MB Tex, Illuminated door sills, Burl Walnut trim.

Our subject car arrived here at Feldmann Imports a few days ago, it’s a 2011 model with all sorts of options. I took a photo of the right side of its window sticker for your reference. This is Feldmann Imports’ Stock# M9864, MSRP is $61,425. We can ship to you anywhere in the country if this is the right car for you.

New Pearl Beige Color on 2011 Mercedes Benz E350 4matic!

Several new colors were introduced by Mercedes-Benz for the 2010 model year and the introduction of the new generation E class. One of the new colors was Pearl Beige, a sort of metallic light gold color that looks especially nice on the new body E class as well as on the C class. This is only the second E class I’ve seen in this color, and this is the first 2011 model E class I’ve seen in this color.

This particular example is very well equipped as you can see from the original window sticker / option list I’ve included below. It’s got the Premium 1 Package (P1), Sport Package, which now includes the LED daytime running lamps for 2011, and the Panorama Sunroof along with a number of other options.

click option list to enlarge, so it's easier to read.

It’s available today with an MSRP of $61,965, Feldmann Imports Stock# M9792.

2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Achieves Top Safety Status from IIHS

It's always been safe, but never THIS safe!

I found this article on a site about Mercedes-Benz vehicles that I visit regularly, emercedesbenz.com, I thought it might be of interest to daveknowscars.com readers. I’m not always big on awards, whether the award is actually worth anything, good marks for safety are always good.

The Mercedes E-Class has been given a top safety award for the first time from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

17 May 2010 | JDavis

Adding to its already high appeal, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has achieved top safety status.  The Mercedes E-Class has been given a top safety award for the first time from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). A score of “good” must be earned in each of the following: front, side, rollover and rear crash protection tests in order for the Top Safety Picks accolade to be gained.  The Mercedes-Benz E-Class, with its many safety features, set the standard in each category.

The IIHS particularly praised the decision of Mercedes-Benz to implement greater padding to the front and rear doors to improve protection in side-impact crashes. Because the safety of drivers, passengers and other drivers are the biggest concern of Mercedes-Benz, the E-Class Saloon has been fitted with a host of features to help make driving safer.

These include innovations that take appropriate action in the event of danger occurring, help to limit damage if an accident happens and ensure that things are made easier in aiding people after an incident has taken place. Among the features utilised are Attention Assist to warn motorists if they are at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel flashing adaptive brake lights to warn fellow motorists travelling behind that there may be a danger ahead.

“The E class was redesigned for the 2010 model year. This is the first time the E class has earned the Institute’s top safety designation. Earlier this year design changes were made to the padding in the front and rear doors to improve protection in side impact crashes. The TOP SAFETY PICK award applies to E class models built after March 2010.” http://www.iihs.org

Evolution Over Revolution – 50 Years of the Mercedes-Benz E class Coupe

As I was on my way out of the showroom today I stopped in front of the new E class Coupe and just looked at it. Each line, how one meets the next flawlessly, the low roof line, it’s such a racy looking car. How did the designers manage to make it look fast while it’s standing still? Are two door cars inherently more attractive than sedans? I’m not sure why two door coupes have always looked so good. 

I admire Mercedes-Benz for allowing their cars to evolve over time, it seems as if they’ve taken an approach of evolution over revolution. If you look back, each car has built upon the one that came before it. From the inside out, you can always trace the next model back to the ones that have come before it. 

Here’s a look back at what could be considered 50 years of E class coupes from Mercedes-Benz. They didn’t always call it the E class coupe, but these are some of the mid sized coupes that have worn the three pointed star since the early 1960s. 

Mercedes-Benz 220se - 1961 (more of an S class coupe really, but it looks so good!)


The 250c 1968 -1973 an amazingly affordable entry level collector Mercedes.


The W123 series coupe 1976 - 1985 a long production run, many survivors still on the road.


The W124 Series, late 80s in to the mid 90s, we still see these in for service at Feldmann's


First generation CLK 1996 - 2002 still one of my favorites, especially the 55 AMG version!


Second generation CLK 2003 - 2009 a great value today and available as a Certified Pre Owned car.


2010 E class coupe 2010 - The future is now. Wonderful driving dynamics, a big step forward!