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1995 Mercedes E320 Convertible

Mercedes Benz Young Classic and Future Collectible! 1995 Mercedes Benz E320 Cabriolet Polar White w/ Oyster Beige Leather Interior Just 38,000 Miles!

1995 Mercedes E320 Convertible

I don’t use the words ‘Future Collectible’ very often when it comes to modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles… read on…. We just acquired this 1995 Mercedes Benz E class Convertible, E320 Cabriolet to be precise, from a local finance company. It is in excellent condition, inside and out.
Mercedes E320 Cabriolet

There are very few modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles that have any real chance of future collectability, mainly due to the fact that so many of each model are actually manufactured. Most Mercedes-Benz experts an aficionados can agree that one of the few cars with the possibility of future appreciation are the E class cabriolets from the early and mid 1990s. Chances are it will be another 25 years before any real appreciation is seen, but look at the 280SE cabriolets from the early 1970s… a good one is well over $100,000 today, they are the most valuable cars of their era… easily out valuing any sedan and even the SLs of the period.
Mercedes E320 Cabriolet

E class cabriolets like this one were very expensive and quite rare in their day. Low mileage examples, like this one, are out there… the best survivors today are those cars that led charmed lives under the care of wealthy individuals. They were driven sparingly and were often third or fourth cars in the garage. This happens to be one such example.

Mercedes E320 Cabriolet

Driver’s seat and rest of interior is in excellent condition.

The clean Carfax vehicle history report of this car shows one owner who moved around to several Western states with the car during the first ten years of its life. In 2006 it was leased to its most recent owner through the finance company we bought the car from. It has been driven occasionally during Spring and Summer months in Minnesota since it arrived in the state in the Spring of 2006.
1995 Mercedes E320 Cabriolet

The pain on the outside of the vehicle is extremely nice, shiny and dent free, clearly garaged its entire life. The interior is incredibly nice, there is almost no wear on the seats, there is no excessive cracking or creasing on the seat bolsters, like you see on so many other examples. This car is clean, clean, clean, inside and out.

Mercedes E320 Cabriolet

Legitimate back seat, the car easily holds 4 people.

I drove the vehicle this morning and am happy to report is performs like a new car. The air conditioning blows ice cold, despite the very high temperatures outside today. The transmission shifts smoothly through all gears, the 6 cylinder engine performs perfectly. This E320 engine was the engine used in most Mercedes Benz vehicles through the early 2000s. It was installed in most E classes, high end C class vehicles and eventually int he M class SUVs when they appeared on the scene in 1998. It’s a ‘bulletproof’ engine that will serve its new owner well for hundreds of thousands of miles if maintained properly. I have several friends in the Mercedes-Benz Club with these cars with in excess of 100k miles on them.
Mercedes E320 Cabriolet

The wheels on this car are not original, they are later wheels, probably from a newer CLK. The tires are in good shape, if you’re a stickler for originality, a set of used, original wheels for this car could easily be sourced for just a few hundred dollars.

Mileage on this particular example is just 38,777… this is the kind of cream puff everyone looks for. I expect to list it on eBay Motors this afternoon for the national market. Call today to put a deal together on this rare survivor. Price new was over $80,000 back in 1995! Our price today is $17,477.

Mercedes Benz Adaptive High Beam Assist: New Feature or Old News?

What does this 2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 4matic sedan have in common with this 1960 Cadillac convertible? They both have an automatic headlight dimming system! Mercedes-Benz made the Adaptive High Bean Assist feature available on the ‘new body style’ E class cars in 2010. The systems essentially keeps an eye on the road ahead of you at night, while you’re driving with your high beams on a desolate road, the car can sense the headlights of oncoming traffic up ahead and automatically dim the headlamps as not to bother the driver of the oncoming car.

The technology Mercedes-Benz uses is a sensor embedded in the top of the windshield. It’s considered a safety feature by Mercedes-Benz, as it allows you to have the best, brightest lights blazing when appropriate, giving you a commanding view of the road, even at night to keep you safe. One might also consider it a convenience feature, as you don’t constantly have to adjust your high beams as oncoming traffic appears. Learn more about the Mercedes-Benz Adaptive High Beam Assist feature on the E class HERE at MBUSA.com.

Notice the light sensor on the dash of the 1960 Cadillac.

What’s funny is that a similar system was available on a number of American made vehicles, most notably, Cadillacs beginning in the mid 1950s. The red 1960 Cadillac convertible pictured here was at Lake Country Classics in Minneapolis when I visited that shop last week. Bruce Kelly, proprietor of Lake Country Classics and vintage Mercedes-Benz SL authority generally works on and restores Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the occasional Jaguar, but this time he had a customer’s 1960 Cadillac convertible on hand.

I saw this thing sticking up on the dash of the Cadillac and I asked him what it was for. Bruce explained to me that it was the sensor for the automatic high beam adjustment. When it senses the headlights of an oncoming car it automatically adjusts your high beams back down to the regular headlight setting… on a 1960 Cadillac, it was available earlier than that, in the mid 1950s.

Of course, the technology Mercedes-Benz employs for the Adaptive High Beam Assist feature is far more advanced that what Cadillac was using 50 years ago. The modern Mercedes-Benz system works better, more efficiently, more quickly and more reliably than the old Caddy system, but it’s interesting to know that the idea of not having to worry about blinding oncoming drivers at night with your high beams was thought about and essentially ‘solved’ more than 50 years ago in Detroit.

There is always something to see and learn when you visit Bruce at Lake Country Classics in Minneapolis, it’s a bit off the beaten path, but if you can find it, it’s worth a visit. This 1957 Mercedes-Benz 190SL was parked next to the Cadillac when I arrived last week. The 190 is currently for sale on eBay… with its $35,000 reserve price already reached with about 5 days left in the auction.

Mercedes Benz designo E Class Coupe Heated Windshield P2 Package and More!

This new Mercedes Benz E350 Coupe was just rolled on to Feldmann Imports’ show floor this morning. This is the first E class Coupe I’ve seen with this exclusive designo interior. This E class has a special $2500 designo interior package, it has designo classic red leather interior with matching red leather trim, not all that different from the available designo classic red leather that was ordered on a customer’s SLS AMG Gullwing a couple of months ago.

designo red leather interior in this E350 Coupe.

This E350 Coupe is also loaded with the Premium 2 Package (P2 Package) which includes options like the COMAND Navigation system, 6GB music register, harman/kardon sound, Keyless Go, heated seats, even a heated windshield! (see photo of option list from the original window sticker below). Price of admission to this very exclusive club is $61,525.

One of 500 Ever Built! 2009 Mercedes Benz CLK350 Grand Edition – 14k miles!

This 2009 CLK350 Grand Edition was just traded in this past weekend, one of just 500 Grand Edition Coupes ever built! Chances are, if you buy this one, you’ll never see one just like it.

They only made 1000 Grand Edition cars. 500 coupes and 500 cabriolets, so this is one of 500 ever built. All of the coupes were painted Palladium Silver and have a special Tobacco Brown leather interior with contrasting beige stitching and aluminum trim, it also sports 18? twin spoke AMG wheels. Here is a complete list of equipment from its original window sticker:

Grand Edition Floor Mats, Bluetooth Hands Free Communication System, iPod Integration Kit, Garage Door Opener, Autodimming mirrors, Glass Sunroof, Steering Wheel Shift Paddles, Sport Suspension, DVD COMAND Navigation, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Aluminum Trim, Sport Body Styling, harman/kardon Sound System w/ Dolby 5.1, Heated Front Seats. That package cost $8,975 when new, total MSRP for this car was $57,950. (Original window sticker below).

It’s available today with just 14,420 miles on its odometer for $32,981, stock# P9127A.

Just in Time for Spring! 2007 Mercedes CLK350 Convertible Iridium Silver w/ Black 29,000 miles

Iridium Silver with black leather interior, this 2007 CLK 350 is nicely equipped with the Premium 1 Package (P1 Package), harmon/kardon sound, the Sport Appearance Package and a host of other features to enjoy (see original window sticker below). Originally a North Carolina car, it came into our inventory about a week ago. This is a clean Carfax, one owner vehicle that is ready to roll through the Spring and Summer.

It has about 29,000 miles on its odomoeter today, we just performed the A service due at 30,000 miles so you won’t need another service appointment for one more year or 12-15,000 miles. Original MSRP of this car was over $58,000. It’s available today at Feldmann Imports for $30,981. Stock#P9108. Original MSRP window sticker posted below for your reference, please notice in the photos that this car has very expensive aftermarket alloy wheels. The original wheels are not present with the car or included with the car. OEM original wheels for this car are, of course, available through our parts department, but these aftermarket wheels are tasteful, high quality and good looking.

2011 Mercedes Benz E350 Convertible in Black Just Arrived!

I felt bad for this one, sitting outside, just arrived on the transporter, getting rained on when it clearly yearns for sunny skies and top down cruising! It’s a 2011 E 350 Convertible, black with almond / mocha leather interior and a black top. We haven’t had a new one of these for a while. The weather has turned here in Minnesota, but it would be a great car to ship to your place in Florida or Arizona for the Winter.

Posted below is a copy of this car’s original MSRP window sticker / option list for your reference. Wouldn’t it be nice to go out to the garage this Spring and find this waiting for you?


2011 Mercedes Benz E350 Convertible – P2 Package – Triple Black – In Stock!

Get yours while you’ve still got some Summer left!

This is our only 2011 E350 Convertible currently in stock. Have a look at the window sticker / option list below to see how this car is equipped. It’s a huge option list. P2 Package, AMG twin spoke wheels, the list goes on. Available today at Feldmann Imports. Stock# M9659.

2011 Mercedes E Class Convertible P2 Package Iridium Silver

2011 Mercedes-BEnz E350 Cabriolet! This one just arrived on the transporter this morning. It’s well optioned with the Premium 2 (p2) Package, notice the LED daytime running lamps on the front spoiler, it’s also got the Appearance Package which gives you the cool twin spoke AMG wheels.

Iridium Silver over black interior with a black top (the top still has the protective covering on it for shipping). It’s in stock now and available for delivery. MSRP is $66,885.

Rain, Rain, Go Away… Triple Black Mercedes E550 Convertible with P2 Package

This 2011 E550 cabriolet just arrived today. You can see the top protector and some of the side wrapping still on the car. Black exterior, Black top, and Black interior.

It’s got the wheel package sporting five-twin spoke AMG wheels, it also has the Premium 2 Package (P2) which gives you the LED daytime running lamps on the lower front bumper.

This is a loaded E 550 convertible, the first to arrive that isn’t pre sold, is available and ready for its first owner. MSRP is about $75,000. Call and ask for Stock# M9618 if you’re interested.

Get ’em While It’s Hot! Another 2011 Mercede E class Convertible Arrives!

2011 Mercedes E class convertible, Arctic White with Almond / Mocha Interior, this one JUST rolled off the transporter, the protective cover is still on the convertible top and the plastic wrap is still on the body panels.

This is an E 350 cabriolet equipped with the Premium 1 Package (P1), Appearance Package (Cool AMG wheels!), and the rear deck spoiler. MSRP is $64,015, I’ve included a photo of the window sticker on the car here so you can see exactly how it breaks down.