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1993 Mercedes 500E Purchased by Customer in Dallas, TX Arrives Safely, New Owner Happy with Service and Buying Experience


This 1993 Mercedes Benz 500E sedan was traded in here at Sears Imports about a month ago. It was placed on eBay twice, it was posted to Autotrader.com, cars.com, even Craigslist here in Minneapolis. This is a very rare car as you may know, a join venture between Mercedes-Benz and Porsche and good for a little over 160mph when it was new back in 1993. It would be an understatement to say there was a lot of ‘action’ on this car while it was here in the Sears Imports inventory.

My phone rang off the hook with interested parties, my email inbox was constantly filling up with inquiries from across the country. While most people I spoke with just wanted to talk about the car and then explain how they’d love to buy it, but their wife wouldn’t let them, or they had nowhere to store it… a handful of real players were interested in the car and were ready to put their money where their mouth was.
sears imports mercedes 500E

The one thing  holding most people back from actually purchasing the car, and understandably, was the lack of any service records with the car, older cars like this are often times sold by their records.

Thankfully, the night before the auction ended I got a call from the independent shop owner who serviced and maintained this car for its previous owner after he saw it on eBay. He was able to tell me all the work he did to the car over the last 4 years or so… receipts added up to almost $13,000. While it was almost too late for anyone to use this information for their eBay bidding, some eBayers did see the updated description and several of them called me.

Within a few minutes of the eBay auction ending I got a call from a gentleman who had a few questions about the car. We talked, discussed other cars he owns and is interested in, I told him about some of the cars I’ve had over the years. We were just two car guys, albeit with very different budgets and amounts of disposable income for our car hobby, I’ll tell you that much! In a few minutes we put a deal together on the 500E. There was another 500E on the market at the same time, a green one in California, which I had seen for sale and heard all about, everyone who called about our silver car made it known they were also looking at “a green one in California.” In the end… the guy who purchased our silver car also bought the green one in California, I couldn’t be happier for him and I’m glad they’re going to a very good home, somewhere where they will both be appreciated and well cared for.

In the end, our car sold between $11,000 and $12,000… an absolute steal according to the mechanic that maintained the car over the past few years, but the market is what it is and in late December of 2011, that is the market value, the amount someone will actually pull out of their wallet and fork over for this particular 500E. My guess is, that in 10 years, even 5 years, we’ll look back on this purchase and think it was a good deal.

I was happy to receive the survey (posted below) that everyone who purchases a Mercedes-Benz vehicle from a Mercedes-Benz dealership gets via email, filled out and offering praise for the car, purchased sight unseen, and the buying experience here at Sears Imports.

Classic 1984, Ultra Low Mile Porsche 911 Cabriolet in Platinum Metallic Just Arrived at Sears Imports!

1984 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

WOW! This 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera just arrived on a truck from Chicago. This was a trade in at a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Chicago recently. Our friends at this dealership know us as a place that is interested in this sort of thing, actively buying interesting cars from around the country.
used 1984 porsche 911 for sale

While many new car dealerships would rather not have convertibles in their inventories going into Winter, much less vintage and classic cars…  at Sears Imports, we cater to all sorts of motoring tastes and we know a great car when we see one. So, we purchased this car from our dealer friend in Chicago and had it shipped here to Minneapolis. It just arrived today.
used 1984 porsche 911 for sale

This car has just under 35,000 original miles (see photo of odometer below). It is a 1984 model, the first year for the 3.2 liter flat six motor which replaced the 3.0 liter motor used in the 911 SC models between 1977 and 1983. This color is called “Platinum Metallic” with brown leather interior, it also has 16″ color matched alloy wheels. This car cost just over $41,000 when new in 1984. Of course it has the 5 speed manual transmission.
used porsche 911 minneapolis

I am still learning about the history of the car, I need to speak with our GM, the gentleman who purchased the car, to get all the details, but looking at the Carfax it looks like the car was originally sold to Oklahoma by a Texas Porsche dealer, more recently it looks like it resided in Lake Geneva, WI… a Summer getaway for the well to do from Chicago. I will post more history when I learn more about the car.

The interior and exterior are in excellent condition, there are no dash cracks (so common on these older 911s if not garage kept), the leather seats are in excellent condition, carpet is very clean and unsoiled, no weird smells on the interior. The top is in excellent condition, the back window is generally clear with some light scuffing, but overall, very nice. The top boot is present with the car as well as the car’s tool kit and original owner’s manual.

Based on the stellar, original condition and low miles of this classic 911, the price is $26,900. Sears Imports Stock#20113, call me for more details.

Dave Knows Cars Blog Gets New Home After Dave Tobin Accepts Internet Sales Position at Sears Imports Mercedes Benz In Minnetonka, MN

It’s official! As of Monday, July 25, 2011 I work as an Internet Sales Manager for Sears Imports Mercedes-Benz in Minnetonka, MN. Sears contacted me regarding a position they believed I might be a good fit for recently and after several meetings and some serious thought, I decided to accept the job. I work out of Sears Imports Mercedes-Benz showroom on Wayzata Blvd. in Minnetonka, the North frontage road of I394 just west of downtown Minneapolis.

I leave Feldmann Imports Mercedes-Benz in Bloomington on the best of terms after more than three years. I enjoyed my time at Feldmann’s. I learned a lot and will always be grateful to the Feldmann family and to their entire organization for hiring me when I had no automotive industry experience and bringing me up through their ranks. Feldmann Imports is a quality organization full of good people.

An opportunity presented itself to me at Sears and I know I would have looked back in ten years and said “What if…?” if I didn’t accept the job and jump in with both feet. Of course, I’ll miss my friends at Feldmanns, but I hope to make some new friends at Sears.

I’m looking forward to getting started tomorrow morning (as I’m writing this Sunday night, tomorrow is my first day). I will be handling internet sales, interacting with customers as I have been for the, past few years via the internet, email, and phone. The difference with my position at Sears Imports is that once a customer is ready to come in, they come in to see me. I don’t make an appointment for someone else, I don’t hand the customer off. You talk to me via email or on the phone, you come in to see me, we look at the car, I answer your questions, I handle the entire transaction.

It’s a different method, but I’m looking forward to giving this new process a try, getting back in front of the customers I get to know via email and on the phone, and watching them drive off into the sunset in their new (or new to them) car with my business card in the glove box.

I drove over to scope out my new digs Sunday evening, there were lots of people walking around the lot looking at cars.

2014 Mercedes E class Video Comparison! Differences Between 2014 Mercedes Benz E class E350 Sport and Luxury Models

Explore the differences between the 2014 Mercedes Benz E class Sport and Luxury models with this video from Dave Knows Cars! The new 2014 Mercedes Benz E classes are arriving at dealerships across the country. Mercedes Benz is offering something new for the 2014 model year, in conjunction with the serious E class facelift, they’ve started to offer two different models… A Luxury model and a Sport model.

The differences between the two cars are largely cosmetic, much like the C class cars from 2008 – present. There are slight suspension differences between the two cars, the Sport model sits several millimeters lower than the sport model and has slightly stiffer suspension, although the difference in ride quality is minimal, they are very similar.

They are identical in terms of dimensions and size, the two cars are differentiated by different body styling packages and wheels. The video here clearly demonstrates all the exterior differences between the cars.. from the front grilles to the rear tailpipes (or lack thereof on the Luxury model).

You can see by the photos of the original window stickers (below) of the cars featured in the video that there is no price difference between Sport and Luxury models. They cost the same, you simply decide whether you want a Sport model or a Luxury model.

Window sticker of the white car in the video, a 2014 Mercedes E350 Luxury model.
Window sticker of the Palladium Silver car in the video, a 2014 Mercedes E350 Sport model.

New C Class Customer Experience: “the best we have ever had”

Late last month a couple came into the dealership on Tuesday evening interested in a new C300 4matic sedan. The woman had just been in an accident in her mini van and decided she wanted a safe sedan as a replacement.

She came to the right place. She was also considering the Audi A4 and Lexus ES350. The value, safety, and quality of the driving experience in the C300 won out in the end. Here are some of the answers and comments she sent to our sales manager today with her completed customer satisfaction survey.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I am responding to the survey I received after visiting your dealership last week.

Were you satisfied with your salesperson?
Yes, Dave Tobin was very explicit in answering all my questions and concerns.  He was very knowledgeable and had a sincere interest and passion for the Mercedes Benz cars.  When we were test driving the car, he was helpful in explaining unique aspects and features of the C300.  We thought the dealership closed at 9pm. and didn’t realize until after we returned from the test drive at 8pm, that you closed at 7:30pm.  Dave did not make us feel rushed or like we had imposed on his time.  He was very gracious. Nor did he try to force a decision on us but did ask what our for next step would be and how he could help.

How was your overall experience with the dealership?
We felt comfortable and at ease.  

Is there one thing that would keep you from doing business with us?
No, our decision was being weighted against other makes of cars not the experience at the dealership.  However, our positive experience at your dealership help sway the decision. We felt our experience at your dealership (because of our positive impression of Dave) was the best we have ever had while researching cars.

Enjoy your day,

K. B.
Chanhassen, MN