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Land Shark on the Prowl… 2004 BMW Z4 Trade In Just 41,500 Miles!

2004 BMW Z4 – Silver with red leather interior, automatic transmission and lots of top down fun! This car was just traded in last Saturday for a new 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK Roadster. I don’t have a lot of details about this car yet, other than it’s a local car.

I looked over it pretty closely and liked what I saw, especially considering the sale price is just $19,872. Lots of fun in a small package with a convertible top… enjoy the rest of the Summer in this one! Stock# M1372A.

“Arrest Me Red” 1999 BMW 3 Series Convertible, Cheap Fun!

Traded in last Saturday...

Get in some trouble this Summer with this very well cared for 1999 BMW 328i convertible. Automatic transmission, power top, the color isn’t really called ‘arrest me red’, if I know my BMWs it’s probably “Henna Rot”. Just over 63,000 miles. This car was part of a two car trade in deal on a new Mercedes last weekend and it really is in nice shape.

Cool (and tasteful) aftermarket Voxx wheels.

It isn’t priced yet, but I’m going to guess about $10,000 bucks, a fun Summer car for not that much money.