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Used 2005 Bentley Continental GT For Sale at Sears Imports in Minnetonka!

Bentley for sale Minneapolis

This used 2005 Bentley Continental GT Coupe was just acquired by Sears Imports from the estate of the local owner. The original owner of this vehicle, a pilot, and long time customer of Sears Imports recently passed away. Sears Imports purchased the car from his estate. This very serious motorcar is in excellent condition, is shows, essentially, ‘as new’. The exterior color is Silver Tempest, the interior is the softest tan leather you’re likely to find.

used bentley Sears Imports

This Continental GT has all wheel drive and is packed with a 6.0 liter 12 cylinder engine and can cruise all day long at speeds that will put you in jail, and in comfort that will make you wish you never get caught.  It has just over 41,000 original miles.

This is a one owner, no stories, clean Carfax vehicle. It was titled in Wyoming, but the owner lived here locally in the Twin Cities (no sales tax in WY!). This is Sears Imports stock# 20098, Price is $69,900. Please give me a call if you’d like to discuss the vehicle. I can ship this car anywhere in the United States, or the rest of the world for that matter. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email or give me a call.
used bentley continental GT for sale

Good for 200mph+ Used Porsche 911 Turbo Silver w/ Black 57k Miles, Just $42,900

Used Porsche 911 Turbo

This beast just came into our inventory here at Sears Imports, I’m still wiping the drool off my face. This is a used 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo with a Porsche Tiptronic transmission, yeah, the purist will complain about that, but the Tiptronic automatic is a well behaved transmission that, shifts more smoothly and more efficiently than any human, no matter how good you think you are.
Porsche Turbo for sale

It’s classic Porsche silver with black leather interior. It has just over 57,000 miles, so it has been driven as designed, it has also been well maintained, by Porsche dealers, throughout its life. It was involved in a very minor rear end accident (it was hit in the rear) earlier this year while residing in Illinois. Minor repairs were performed at Napleton Westmont Porsche in the North Shore suburb of Westmont, IL.

Porsche 911 Turbo
When we were kids, my brother and I called Porsche turbos of the 1980s "Pregnant Frogs"... very wide.

The car runs and drives as new and is ready for many more miles of highway touring. It’s priced right today at Sears Imports at just $42,900, Stock# 20055. Please give me a call if you’d like to come in for a test drive and viewing, I’m just looking for an excuse to take this one out for a drive!

Bavarian Rocket Barge! 2011 BMW 750il xDrive Just 30,000 One Owner Miles Now Available!

Used BMW 750

This big Bimmer (BMW 750il Xdrive) was just acquired by Sears Imported Autos the other day. This car is black with beige leather interior and it is loaded with options. Navigation heated seats, back up camera, all the options you’d expect from BMW’s top of the line sedan.
used BMW 750

It has just over 30,000 original, one owner miles. It is in essentially as new condition throughout. It is a no stories, no accident, clean Carfax vehicle available today at a serious discount off the new price of this car. The Xdrive all wheel drive system will make this a great year ’round sedan in Minnesota too.

used 750 BMW

It’s Sears Imports stock# 20060, available today for $69,900. There are only stock photos of this car on the Sears Imports website at the moment, it literally just got to the dealership.

used BMW 750
Just under 31,000 miles.

Just Arrived! Used 2003 Porsche 911Carrera Coupe 6 Speed Manual Transmission with Just 34,000 Miles

Used Porsche 911 Minneapolis

Anybody who knows me knows how I LUST after Porsche 911s. This car was just acquired by Sears Imports a couple of days ago. The one and only owner of this car, the original owner, purchased a new Mercedes-Benz here at Sears Imports several months ago. He recently brought his Porsche 911 Carrera in and asked if we’d be interested in just buying it from him… of course, we were… so here it is.

used porsche carrera

This is a 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe. It is black with black leather interior, it’s got a 6 speed manual transmission and is in absolutely pristine condition. The owner of this car was fanatical about keeping this car clean and perfect in every way. According to the owner, it was stored each year before Thanksgiving and taken out of storage in the Spring only after the streets had been swept of Winter debris. There isn’t as much as a rock chip on the paint of this car, it has a 3M Venture Shield clear bra on it anyway.

used Porsche 911 Minneapolis

We just installed a brand new set of tires on this car, changed the oil and filter. It is ready to roll… and roll fast. It has just 34,201 original miles on its odometer, a clean, no accident Carfax vehicle history report… this is a no stories 911 that has been pampered and well cared for. It’s Sears Imports stock# 20052, priced right for the miles and condition at $37,900.

Prepare for Lift Off! Used 2006 BMW M5 Just Traded In, New 5 liter V10 Engine Just Installed by BMW

Used BMW M5

This 2006 BMW M5 was just traded in late last week here at Sears Imports. This is a 5 Liter (yeah, 5.0 liters) V10 engine with a sequential manual gearbox (SMG) cranking out 507 horsepower. Back in 2006 this BMW was the top of the mid sized European sport sedan heap, beating out the Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG and the Audi RS6 in horsepower. This is a rare and wicked car, loaded with options as you’d expect.
Used BMW M5

This is a three owner vehicle, local to the Twin Cities area. It has been dealer serviced and maintained all of its life. he odometer reads just over 71,000 miles today. The car was just inspected and fully serviced, and, brace yourself, a new engine was just installed by BMW, the previous owner’s insurance company paid for the new engine after it was, well, over revved and ruined.

Used BMW M5
Interior is clean, no weird smells of any kind... clean and ready.

The new engine, in fact, has less than 50 miles on it.

Call today if you’d like to set up a time to come in for a test drive. The price is $33,900. It is Sears Imports stock# 19746B.

“Euro Getter” 2002 BMW 325xi Wagon For Sale! All Wheel Drive Awesome Condition w/ 92k miles

Used BMW wagon
This is a 2002 BMW 325xi (all wheel drive) wagon with about 92,000 original miles, silver with black interior, heated seats, nicely equipped. This was a trade in here at Sears Imports earlier this week on a Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz vehicle. Judging from the interest I’ve already had on this car from people on the internet, chances are it won’t last long. Actual photos aren’t even available on the Sears Imports website yet and I’ve already had four inquires… in one day!

BMW Wagon For Sale
Car wasn't even cleaned or detailed when I took these photos.

This is a very clean, non smoker, two owner, local car that has been dealer serviced all of its life and Sears and at BMW of Minnetonka. It’s a ‘no stories’ clean Carfax vehicle.

If you ‘re looking for a solid vehicle that you can haul plenty of stuff in without having to drive a gas hog SUV this is a great option. Priced right at $10,900. Call today if you’d like to schedule a viewing or test drive. Sears Imports Stock# 65566B.
BMW wagon sale

Used Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia One Owner Just 2,199 miles, Try to Find Another!

Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia

This is a very lightly used, one owner 2010 model Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia, a special edition that Porsche produced to commemorate its winning the Transsyberia Rally . Sears Imports recently acquired this Porsche after the owner passed away, his family brought it to Sears Imports after being new and pre owned vehicle customers for many years. The owner of this car was a long time Porsche enthusiast, this was just one of the cars in his stable. The previous owner hardly ever drove this car, it has just 2,199 original miles on its odometer and is in essentially as new condition.
Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia

The Cayenne S Transsyberia model is a very high trim level vehicle with alcantara all over the interior… the seating surfaces, headliner, and steering wheel are alcantara, but it’s under the hood where the Transsyberia shines. It has the huge 4.8 liter V8 engine which is found in the new Cayenne GTS models, it has 405 horsepower, coupled with all wheel drive… this is a mean machine that’s as at home in snow and Minnesota Winter weather as dry autobahn pavement.

It’s got a clean Carfax vehicle history report, it’s a one owner, super low mile, no stories car that’s ready go and priced for the market at $74,900, Sears Imports’ stock#20007.

1991 BMW M5 with Manual Transmission Just Traded In, Super Rare, Bahn-storming Sleeper


UPDATE! Car is SOLD – SOLD – SOLD as of about 7:55pm on Thursday 8/11!  This is an extremely rare 1991 BMW M5 , just traded in here at Sears Imports. I don’t even remember the last time I saw one of these, they are much rarer than the newest M5s are, back in the late 1980s and early 90s 3 series and 5 series M cars were very rare indeed. My jaw hit the ground when this one showed up here.

Notable items on this car include the 5 speed manual transmission and the special M wheels with integrated cooling ducts for the brakes.. so, when you’re driving, the ducts on the wheels scoop air and route it towards the brakes.
1991 BMW M5 For Sale

This is a clean vehicle, black exterior, black interior.. higher miles at about 168,500… but it’s been well maintained and is ready to roll for another 100,000 miles if you’re looking for a fun and very fast ride… did I mention the sounds this car makes? One of a kind the old M5.

Priced very reasonably at just $6,595, Sears Imports Stock# 19923A.

Who’s the U Boat Commander? Classic Porsche 928 For Sale at Sears Imports 56k Original Miles

Risky Business Porsche 928

This 1985 Porsche 928 has just over 56,600 original miles and looks great in classic black on black. This is a 5 speed manual transmission car with a solid clutch ready for many more miles. It has a clean Carfax vehicle history report and is in exceptional condition inside and out. The leather inside, on both seats, including the outboard driver’s seat bolster is clean and unworn, the interior looks new. There are no typical Porsche dash cracks or any other interior detractors. The glass is clean and clear, free of chips or cracks, there is no delamination of the glass. The exterior is equally clean, the original black paint shines, there is no evidence of previous paintwork… it’s clean and straight, all the way around.

Tom Cruise Risky Business Porsche
Joel (Cruise) and friends drive through downtown Highland Park in his dad's 928.

The 928 became famous on a pop culture level after its appearance in the John Hughes film “Risky Business” starring Tom Cruise as ‘Joel Goodsen’ who takes his dad’s 928 out cruising through the North suburbs of Chicago with a friend a couple of ‘working girls’. The car eventually ends up in Lake Michigan and once it’s pulled out of the lake and towed to the Porsche dealership one of the great lines of the movie is delivered by a dealership employee as the driver’s door is opened and water and fish come pouring out… “Who’s the U boat commander?”

Posche 928 Sears Imports
Joel (Cruise) trys to stop the 928 from rolling into Lake Michigan.

The 928 was Porsche’s attempt at a 911 replacement in the late 1970s. As it turned out, Porschephiles never accepted this front engined 32 valve V8 super car as a replacement for their beloved rear engined flat six based 911, but it does enjoy a loyal following today and represents an excellent value in the ‘young classic’ Porsche market today. The Sears Imports 928 pictured here is in top condition and represents a great value priced at just $14,900. Skip the 928s you see for sale in the $8,000 – $10,000 range, there a few things more expensive than a ‘cheap’ Porsche 928.

It’s worth paying up for a well maintained, low mile example such as this. Please give me a call if you’d like to set up an appointment for a showing and test drive.
porsche 928 for sale Minneapolis