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New Mercedes Benz Special APR Finance Rates for June 2010

Finance specials for new vehicles during the month of June were just released today.  Here is a breakdown of the available APR finance rates on new 2010 models during the month of June 2010.

1.9% up to 66 months
R class (R350 gas) 

1.9% up to 36 months
E class (E350 & E550 Sedans)

1.9% up to 36 months and 2.9% up to 66 months
C class (C300 & C350)

1.9% up to 36 months and 3.9% up to 66 months
SLK class (SLK300 & SLK350)
GLK class (GLK 350) 

1.9% up to 36 months and 4.9% up to 66 months
S class (S400 Hybrid & S550)
CLS class (CLS 550)
M class (ML350 gas & BlueTEC diesel)
GL class (All GL models)

New C Class Customer Experience: “the best we have ever had”

Late last month a couple came into the dealership on Tuesday evening interested in a new C300 4matic sedan. The woman had just been in an accident in her mini van and decided she wanted a safe sedan as a replacement.

She came to the right place. She was also considering the Audi A4 and Lexus ES350. The value, safety, and quality of the driving experience in the C300 won out in the end. Here are some of the answers and comments she sent to our sales manager today with her completed customer satisfaction survey.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I am responding to the survey I received after visiting your dealership last week.

Were you satisfied with your salesperson?
Yes, Dave Tobin was very explicit in answering all my questions and concerns.  He was very knowledgeable and had a sincere interest and passion for the Mercedes Benz cars.  When we were test driving the car, he was helpful in explaining unique aspects and features of the C300.  We thought the dealership closed at 9pm. and didn’t realize until after we returned from the test drive at 8pm, that you closed at 7:30pm.  Dave did not make us feel rushed or like we had imposed on his time.  He was very gracious. Nor did he try to force a decision on us but did ask what our for next step would be and how he could help.

How was your overall experience with the dealership?
We felt comfortable and at ease.  

Is there one thing that would keep you from doing business with us?
No, our decision was being weighted against other makes of cars not the experience at the dealership.  However, our positive experience at your dealership help sway the decision. We felt our experience at your dealership (because of our positive impression of Dave) was the best we have ever had while researching cars.

Enjoy your day,

K. B.
Chanhassen, MN

Certified Pre Owned ML350 Customer Happy with Service

I got the following email from a customer who bought a 2006 Certified Pre Owned Mercedes-Benz ML350 several weeks ago. His wife already drives an ML SUV, this is their second ML. He came back for a couple of things and the service department at Feldmann Imports took good care of him.

With the very reasonable understanding that I am on my own from here on out…your organization continued to stand behind the vehicle I purchased a few weeks ago.  Today they replaced an auxiliary battery and 2nd crankshaft sensor for no charge.
We will definitely call you next time we go shopping and would not hesitate to recommend Feldmann and yourself.
Scott Bordo
Burnsville, MN

Customer in Georgia Happy with Transaction

2008 Mercedes-Benz SL550 Roadster shipped to Georgia.

I had the pleasure of working with a gentleman in Georgia on this Certified Pre Owned Mercedes-Benz SL550 transaction in December. Buying a $60,000 + vehicle sight unseen takes a particular amount of faith. I was flattered to read his thoughts regarding the transaction once he received the car via enclosed transport.

He wrote this in these kind words in the ‘comments’ area of the Mercedes-Benz customer satisfaction survey he received via email after the transaction had been completed.

“It must be noted that David Tobin was OUTSTANDING. I come from the Auto Industry with 45 years of not only dealership background but that of OEM Corp. When we put together the Saturn project and described what an outstanding sales person would be like, David fits the bill to a tee. If he lived closer I would most likely offer him a job within one of our companies. The car was just like David described it, the good and the bad points.

You run a very impressive dealership and you should be proud.”  

I have actually spoken with this customer several times since his car was delivered to his home, about the car business, cars in general, even this blog. A nice guy I hope to work with again.

Pre-Owned S class Customer Shows Appreciation

This was a card I received from a recent pre owned S class customer. He’s a great guy, and quite a character. He references the gift certificate I sent him to a local salon / spa in this note.  Apparently his brother-in-law is looking for a new vehicle too. Referrals are king in the car business. It’s always fun to see him stop by the dealership.

Note to the GM, always a nice touch

This note was sent directly to the General Manager of Feldmann Imports by a customer I worked with on a new Mercedes-Benz C300 4matic sedan. It’s always nice to know your efforts are appreciated. As cliché as it sounds, all I do is treat customers as I would like to be treated.

Iowa Couple Pleased with Purchase Become Repeat Customers

A hand written thank you note... a wonderful compliment.

I received this card from a couple in Iowa who came up to buy a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz ML500 in February of 2009. The woman’s father, who lives in the Minneapolis area, came in during the week to have a  look at the particular SUV that she saw online.

The car passed the father’s initial test, and I guess I did too. His daughter and her husband drove up from Iowa that weekend and bought the car.

I stayed in touch with these nice folks throughout 2009, checking in with the husband from time to time, as he had expressed interest in replacing his Acura RL. He called me in December and we got to talking about Certified Pre-Owned E 350 4matic sedan options.

He saw a silver / black E Class on the Feldmann Imports website. I had a look at the car and talked to him about it, it was in nice shape, low miles, great price. He put a deposit on the car and came up a week or so before Christmas to buy it.

A Happy C300 Customer

This is an email originally sent to the general sales manager of Feldmann Imports by a customer who’s wife worked with me to lease a new Mercedes-Benz C300 4matic sedan. This couple was an absolute pleasure to work with, it took some time, we kept it fun, and everyone went home happy. (I’ve replaced names below with initials for privacy)

—–Original Message—–
From: DZ
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008 6:18 PM
To: JF
Cc: David Tobin
Subject: Our great purchase experience at your store!

Hi JF,

I wanted to send you a quick note to acknowledge how great David was to work with on the recent lease of Sue’s new C300.

After stopping in last week to buy an oil filter from your parts department for the Infiniti that was due to be returned at lease end, never did I think we would be driving a beautiful new MB by the end of the same week!

I just happened to walk to the show floor to inquire about lease options regarding the C300.  David was so accommodating (especially w/o an appointment) that Sue insisted that we stop back to talk  with the “nice guy” that I met at the dealer.  David was the consummate professional; enthusiastic about the product, knowledgeable, patient, as well as very respectful to Sue.  At most of the other dealers we have dealt with in the past the sales person spoke to me even after making it perfectly clear Sue was the one making the purchase.  The gentleman in finance was also fantastic, staying past closing on a Saturday to cheerfully complete our transaction.

I enjoyed speaking about the car business with you as well-congrats on the new Nissan store.

Thank you again for the great experience, and all the best to you and your staff!

Eden Prairie, MN