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Dedicated to classic and ‘young classic’ Mercedes-Benz cars. Mid 1990s all the way back to the 1950s and 60s. Those cars you buy to have fun with on nice days and on the weekends… more affordable these days than you might think.

2014 Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally Call for Entries – Event Dates June 7-8, 2014!

Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally
If you’re interested in joining the fun on the 3rd Annual Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally please send in your entry NOW!

This year’s event will be held Saturday and Sunday, June 7 -8!

Reservations need to be made, T shirts ordered, you get the idea. EIGHT entries for the 2014 Walleye 1000 have already been received, 3 of them are pictured below – Entries are limited to 20 total, there are 14 spots left!

This year’s event is open to classic, sports and grand touring cars 20+ years old, cars from model year 1994 and older!

Visit the Walleye 1000 website to download an Event Application here.

Our route will incorporate some of the best twisty and challenging roads you can possibly traverse in the upper mid-west! We will make our way South along the Mississippi River going back and forth between Minnesota and Wisconsin making a handful of entertaining stops for food and fun along the way.DEPART: 9:00am Saturday – “Caribou Coffee” – 1100 County Road 42E, Burnsville, MN


FINISH: +/- 5:00 Sunday evening – “The Tavern on Grand” – 656 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN for the finishers dinner where awards of unspeakable value (and questionable taste) will be distributed.

Total event mileage will be between 400 and 500 miles. Once again we will have a safety sweep team in a Yukon with an open car trailer to lend a hand in case any of these old cars ‘fail to proceed’ along the way.
As you probably already know, the Walleye 1000 is more of a fun driving tour rather than a true rally… there is nothing to keep track of, no timing, no scoring, just a fun drive over great roads with cool cars and even cooler people.

As always, the MG Midget with rusty floors and a fender in primer is as welcome as the recently restored Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato!

Visit the Walleye 1000 Event Website for more information and to download a PARTICIPANT APPLICATION.

LIKE the Walleye 1000 on Facebook and keep up with the newest news and event info!

Walleye 1000 Facebook

2013 Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally Event Dates Announced – Saturday & Sunday, June 8 – 9, 2013 – Join Us with your Classic Car!

walleye 1000 vintage rally
No time or money to go on high dollar vintage rallies like the Colorado Grand or California Mille? If so, the “Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally” just might be for you! It’s a two day vintage car tour on the back roads of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The 2nd annual Walleye 1000 will be upon us before we know it. This year’s route will take us South-East from the Twin Cities along the Mississippi and into Wisconsin for the evening, then back into Minnesota for our return and finisher’s banquet on Sunday evening.

Open to interesting classic, sports and grand touring cars, foreign and domestic, model year 1993 and older.

Saturday and Sunday, June 8 and 9, 2013

From the patinated to the pristine, from works in progress to completed projects, blue chip collectibles to vintage fright pigs, all are welcome to participate in the old car hijinx and debauchery that will likely unfold during the 2nd Annual “Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally” on the scenic back roads of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

View photos of the Inaugural 2012 Walleye 1000… lots of interesting cars and fun people!

Entry fee is $249 per vehicle (2 person team, driver + co-driver). Overnight accommodations, finisher’s dinner, event T-shirts for all participants and a bunch of other event swag is included, this is a laid back car event on a budget!

Contact Event Organizer: Dave Tobin | (651) 216-1265 | dave ( at )
Visit the website for event info, sign up for email updates and download a Participant Application.

Arizona Collector Car Auction Report Preview… Mercedes Cars Sell from $2.5 Million down to Under $10,000 Sensory Overload, Mercedes Cars at Every Venue

Perhaps the most imposing Mercedes of the week, this 1935 500K Cabriolet A, sold at Gooding and Co. for $2.5 Million at the hammer.

The Collector Car Auctions in Scottsdale this past week were great… and the 70 degree weather was nice too. I must admit, as I got off the plane to ONE degree in Minneapolis I pondered a permanent change in geography and lifestyle.

There were lots of great cars, some huge sale numbers… and some not so huge sale numbers. There was virtually every kind of car imaginable, lots of Mercedes-Benz cars representing over 120 years… from an 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen to a Mercedes McLaren that’s just a few years old. SLs were the star cars… 300SLs appeared at each of the sales I attended, more than one at several of them. Pagoda SLs were very well represented, as they continue their steady price rise. There were a couple of 190SLs and more R107 and R129 ‘just used cars’ than I could count. Classic Mercedes Coupes from the 50s and 60s were present as well and one very imposing 1935 500K Cabriolet A.

I am working on a number of stories related to the auctions… about specific auctions, about specific cars at specific auctions and why things happened as they did.

Each sale really has its own personality. Different crowds are drawn to each auction for different reasons. You have the elephant in the room… Barrett-Jackson, which is what most people think of when they think of the Scottsdale in January, many people don’t even realize there are other auctions going on. The best description of Barrett-Jackson that I can come up with is that it’s basically like the Minnesota State Fair except inside the buildings, there aren’t animals, there are cars. Russo and Steele seems a bit like a WWF Pro Wrestling event, but instead of two big sweaty guys going at it in the ring, there are collector cars of (widely) varying quality rolling through looking for new owners. Gooding and Company and RM Auctions clearly cater to the highest end Robin Leech champagne and caviar set. The quality of cars at these events are as good as any sale in the world. Gooding creates a lively, rather laid back atmosphere, considering the millions of dollars being spent on individual cars in a series of very comfortable tents. RM gets my vote for best venue, the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Spa Complex. Their cars are nicely displayed outside among the palm tree lined drives and inside in a ballroom where you would expect a wedding reception instead of a car auction, but this is no normal car auction. In the auction room things are fairly quiet and very orderly.

I attended the Consignment Tour at RM Auctions put on by Sports Car Market Magazine which was interesting. The availability and openness of the RM Auction analysts and Carl Bomstead and Keith Martin from SCM was great. While higher profile in the car hobby than a guy like me, they’re still just car guys… their insights are interesting and you can tell they’re having a lot of fun walking among these wonderful discussing the pros and cons of each or speculating as to why the market is moving this way or that.

Cruising from preview to preview and sale to sale was a blast… I ran into a number of old friends, made some new ones and got to know some friends I already had just that much better. I hope to recount the highlights on the DaveKnowsCars blog over the next few weeks as well as in a number of articles on the SLMarket website. If you’re not familiar with the SL Market Website or the printed SL Market Letter, I encourage you to click the link to that website in the upper right of any page on on the DKC blog. In the meantime… here is a taste of some of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles that caught my eye… there are many more, this is just a sampling!

Clark Gable Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
Mercedes Benz 300SL Originally owned by Clark Gable (complete with Gable manequin), no sale at $1.6 million. Seemed like a more than fair number to me, consignor must think the star power is worth more. Should have sold.
Mercedes 300Sc Cabriolet
My buddy David Steingas leaving no stone unturned with his inspection of the 300Sc, ultimately sold for $750,000, soaring right past the high estimate of $450,000.
Mercedes 300S Cabriolet Gooding and Co Scottsdale 2013
One of the surprises of the sale… description noted the car just came out of long term storage and needs ‘complete recommissioning’ never the less, this car brought $300k OVER the high estimate of $450,000, hammer fell at $750,000!
Mercedes 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet Gooding and co Scottsdale 2013
One of two 280SE 3.5 Cabriolets at this sale. This was the lesser of the two, paint was cracking and crazing all over this car, but still pretty.
Mercedes 240D limousine
Curios Mercedes 240D Limo, previously the property of the royal family in Monaco.
300SL Roadster at Gooding and Co Arizona 2013
300SL Roadster Sold for $700k Friday afternoon at Gooding and Co. The first of two 300SL roadsters at their sale.
Mercedes 300SL roadster Russo and Steele
300SL Roadster at Russo and Steele, sold Saturday night for $660,000. Looks about market correct to me, if not well bought. Seller reluctantly lifted the reserve and let it go when bidding stalled at about $655k, auction company pressured hard to get it done.
1980 Mercedes 450SLC
1980 Mercedes 450SLC, perhaps the ‘worst’ (least desirable?) Mercedes of the week. Who had the bright idea to bolt on those pimp chrome wheels?
1969 Mercedes 280SL Russo and Steele 2013
One of the nicest 280SLs we saw all week, and sitting in the dusty gravel of Russo and Steele. My friend I went out to AZ with was the under bidder on this car… but that’s another story.
Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster at Gooding and co
Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster at Gooding and co, the nicest of the week, brought a hammer price of 1.4 Million. A big number for a roadster, but try to find another this nice with original Rudge wheels.
Mercedes 190SL RM Auctions
RM’s auctioneer and one of their analysts checking this 190SL out very carefully.
300SL Gullwing and Roadster RM Auctions Scottsdale
300SLs at RM.
Mercedes 280SL RM Auctions
Mercedes 280SL at RM Auctions.


1973 Mercedes 280 Sedan in Classic Caledonia Green over Parchment Interior For Sale on Craigslist in Anoka, MN Just $2,200!


While cruising Craigslist here in the Twin Cities last night I came across this cute 1973 Mercedes-Benz 280 sedan in my favorite 1970s Mercedes color, Caledonia Green. The matching hub caps are typical of these cars, but this green color is just so period correct, it’s all I can do not to drive right up to Anoka and buy the thing. Because it’s a 1973 model it still has the small, chrome bumpers, much more attractive and cleaner looking that the battering ram bumpers that were federally mandated by the U.S. Government for cars built in 1974 and later. If you’re going to get one of these, you have to get a ’73 or older.
1973 Mercedes Parchment Interior

I believe I saw this same car on Craigslist about a year and a half ago, there can’t be that many in the Twin Cities this color. This has the same dual overhead cam inline 6 cylinder engine that I have in my 1973 280 Coupe, these engines are reliable and run like tops… mine just finished 500+ uneventful miles during the 90+ degree humid heat wave we have last weekend while participating int he Inaugural Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally. It wouldn’t bother me to have a sedan like this for such events, if it has A/C, it’s a huge plus.

As usual, details in the Craigslist ad are few and far between. It’s simply described as “Not perfect, but VERY good condition for a 40 yr old car.” So you’ll have to get underneath and see if it has any rust, from the photos, it looks pretty decent. It has the very light colored interior used at the time formally known as “Parchment” which is a nice contrast to the Caledonia Green exterior. If it checks out and isn’t rusty, $2,200 seems like a fair price. See the actual Craigstlist Ad here.

280 sedans never bring the money that coupes do, they trade in a think market, but if you’re looking for a unique car that’s generally very reliable, this is a lot of car for not very much money. Don’t expect to get rich when you sell, but if well maintained moving forward, you’ll probably come out okay.

Inaugural Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally a Success! 500+ Miles Over the Back Roads of Rural Minnesota and Wisconsin

walleye 1000 vintage rally

By all accounts the Inaugural Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally over the back roads of rural Minnesota and Wisconsin was resounding success! At about 9:00am Saturday morning, June 9th 15 cars, all built prior to 1991, lined up at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Shakopee, MN with drivers and co-drivers ready for a cruise. Some event photos below… a link to the entire Flickr feed photo album is at the bottom of this post, over 130 event photos.

walleye-1000-vintage rally BMW
After receiving their rally packs full of maps, route guides, event T shirts, rally decals and other assorted swag teams departed for the +/-250 mile trek East into Wisconsin, along the St. Criox and Missippi Rivers, North through some of the small towns in Wisconsin, lunch in Somerset and then back into Minnesota, around Lake Mille Lacs to a great group photo op and refreshment stop in front of the huge, fiberglass Walleye in Garrison, MN on the shores of Lake Mille Lacs. After this brief stop it was on to the Brainerd lakes area for the night.
garrison, mn walleye statue

Walleye 1000 rally garrison statue

walleye-1000-vintage rally Jaguar
Bill and Terry Jacobs with their 1961 Jaguar MKII 3.8 with the Walleye in Garrison, MN.
walleye-1000-vintage rally Ferrari
The Steingas Brothers: Mark, Dan and David with their respective ladies.


walleye-1000-vintage rally-john Drewitz
Ryan and John Drewitz with the walleye and their 1989 BMW 325i convertible.
1960 Borgward Isabella Coupe Walleye 1000
Ulrich Graefe and Ron Engle with their 1960 Borgward Isabella Coupe.
walleye-1000 vintage rally
Beth Kraus and John Elliott with their German Shepard, Bandi and their red Fiat 124SS.

Dinner was hosted at the Bar Harbor Supper Club in Niswa, MN on the shores of beautiful Gull Lake, then it was back to the Brainerd Hotel and Conference Center for a good night’s sleep. Sunday morning it was East towards Duluth, a brief, optional stop in Cloquet, MN to fill up for gas at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed ‘Lindholm Service Station’. It was Eastward from there, through the great, winding roads of Jay Cook State Park which eventually landed us in Wisconsin again. We eventually crossed back into Minnesota at about St. Croix Falls and then headed south along the St. Croix Trail into Stillwater, MN.

Mercedes FLW Service Station, Cloquet, MN
At the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Lindholm Service Station in Cloquet, MN. John Olson checks the windshield wipers on his 1970 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3, Dick and Marty Olson's 1968 280SL is behind Tobin's 1973 280C.

The finisher’s dinner was held at the “Tavern on Grand” in St. Paul… a restaurant famous for, of course, Walleye! There was a brief awards ceremony after dinner. John Elliott and Beth Kraus received the ‘Journey is the Reward’ commemorative plate for their wonderful attitude and easy going manner… They were driving their 1968 Fiat 124SS with their big German Shepard, Bandi, sitting in the back.

walleye-1000-tavern on grand walleye
Tobin introduces the 'Journey is the Reward' commemorative plate before awarding it to John Elliott and Beth Kraus.

There was a gift certificate to an online auto parts store that was going to be reserved for the participating car that left its team stranded by the side of the road… amazingly, there was not a single mechanical failure by any car on the rally. In the end, the gift certificate was awarded to the team driving the 1961 Jaguar MKII 3.8 , Terry and Bill Jacobs… Terry keeps his Jags in tip top condition, but I figure he’ll need the parts eventually, so he got the gift certificate! Dave Bortner and Michelle DeMist were recognized for selflessly following the group (in modern air conditioned comfort) in the Chevrolet Suburban “Safety Vehicle” towing a (fortunately) empty car trailer, just in case one of the rally participants needed a tow.

The “Spirit of the Walleye Award” was given to the charming team of Ron Engle and Ulrich Graefe driving a 1960 Borgward Isabella Coupe. Ulrich came all the way from Germany to run the rally with his brother in law, Ron. These guys brought one of the oldest cars on the rally, could be seen taking pictures at just about every scenic overlook point, they had a honk a wave and a smile every time you drove by them along the way… they really embodied the spirit of the event… fun, casual and laid back, ‘The Spirit of the Walleye’.

walleye 1000 rally awards
Tobin presents the 'Sprit of the Walleye' award to Ron Engle and Ulrich Graefe.
tavern on grand walleye
Most of the group had arrived at the Tavern on Grand in St. Paul by 5:00pm Sunday, ready for a Walleye dinner.

I started thinking about planning a rally like this almost two years ago, August of 2010. I see what vintage car enthusiasts do in other parts of the country, in California, rallies like this are all over the place, there are a couple here in the Midwest, when I couldn’t really find a two day, overnight event, something more than a drive to lunch then back home, the idea for the Walleye 1000 was hatched.

I’d like to thank the people who really helped make it happen… David Steingas (the driver of the beautiful dark blue 1951 Mercedes-Benz 220S cabriolet) was a huge help when it came to making the route and figuring out the stops along the way. We spent about 14 hours in the car on a single Saturday back in late March planning both day’s routes! He also suggested the dinner venue, Bar Harbor Supper Club in Niswa, MN. This is a restaurant not to be missed if you’re in the Brainerd Lakes area.

Dave Bortner went above and beyond to secure a car trailer and tow it behind his Suburban all weekend.. there in case we needed it, thankfully, it remained empty the whole time.

Experienced rally participant and planner, John Elliott, in his red Fiat, had lots of good tips and information for me during the months leading up to the rally regarding routes and attractions that might be of interest to the group.

Also, a big thanks to John Drewitz, who ran the rally with his son Ryan in their 1989 BMW 325i Convertible who had a lot of great information during the planning phases due to his experience running similar rallies in Northern California with his other son Anthony. John helped with all sorts of logistical and operation questions I had while planning the event.

Lastly, a big thank you to my wife Michele… without Michele I couldn’t have pulled any of this off, and without her I probably would have suffered a heat stroke, passed out in the car on Saturday somewhere in Wisconsin when it was 90+ degrees, driven off a cliff and died (yeah, no A/C in our 1973 Mercedes 280C). Thanks for your help, patience and support along the way… and for keeping me company on the road (the rally road and the road of life).

I have no doubt there will be a Second Annual Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally… the route will be switched up, just to keep things interesting… and hopefully we can get even more cars and more participants next year! Be sure to visit the official Walleye 1000 website for future event info.

I will be posting all the photos on the website soon…but have a look here…  If you’d like to see all the photos… check out the Dave Knows Cars Flickr photostream here.

Local Twin Cities Mercedes-Benz Club Member’s Vintage 1971 280SL Featured in Brooks Brothers TV Advertisement

Click screenshot to view ad on YouTube.

I got a call from my buddy Bruce Kelly over at Lake Country Classics a couple of weeks ago about an advertising agency here in Minneapolis that needed a vintage Mercedes-Benz roadster for a TV commercial. Bruce just seems to be the guy that people call for this sort of thing no matter what kind of car is needed, people just know to call him. He called me to see if I could get a hold of a friend we have in common, and fellow Twin Cities Mercedes Benz Club member, Mark Flaten. The ad agency was looking for a vintage Mercedes roadster, and ideally, one in a light color, to use in a Brooks Brothers TV spot. Bruce and I both thought of Mark’s car… an absolutely pristine 1971 280SL roadster in the classic Mercedes color combination of silver over red leather.

Bruce’s shop, Lake Country Classics, finished a complete restoration of Mark’s car last year. It is one of the most pristine and correct cars of this type and vintage I’ve ever seen. I got Mark on the phone, told him that this ad agency was doing a Brooks Brothers ad and they were looking for a car like his the next day… and that if he was interested he should give Bruce a call ASAP. He did, and…

About a week later, Mark forwarded me this link to the finished ad on YouTube. They did indeed use his car for several hours the day after we spoke on the phone. He was well paid for the three hours the agency used his car, he was on set the entire time with the car. In the end it’s a couple of seconds on film, but it’s a fun story and will certainly ad to the interesting history of the car. Click this link to view the video on YouTube.

Mercedes Benz Club Twin Cities Section Attends the 2012 InterMarque Spring Kick Off Car Show in Downtown Osseo, MN!

Osseo Car Show Mercedes 300SL
Members of the Twin Cities Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America gathered early Saturday morning, May 12, 2012 at the new Mercedes-Benz dealership in Minnetonka, Sears Imports, to form up and drive North to Osseo, MN for one of the upper Midwest’s largest vintage, foreign car shows… the InterMarque Spring Kick Off Car Show. About 12 cars showed up at Sears Imports to make the 25 minute drive North to Osseo, another 3 or 4 member cars met the group at the show. The mix, and quality of the cars in attendance was spectacular. From the oldest car in attendance, new (only because his membership expired some time ago!) club member David Steingas’ 1951 220s to one of the newest, Matt Jurcich’s super clean 1999 ‘large and in charge’ S500 Grand Edition, the cars looked great and everyone was eager to check out the Intermarque’s new car show venue. For some time the Intermarque Spring Kick off Car Show was held at St. Paul’s Como Park, this was the first year for the show in Osseo.

Minneapolis Mercedes Club Sears Imports
Twin Cities Mercedes Club members meet at Sears Imports to head up to Osseo.

Mercedes-Benz Club members, and their cars, that showed up at Sears Imports for the convoy North were:

Mark Flaten – 1971 280SL
Dave Bortner – 1969 300SEL 6.3
Dave Tobin – 1973 280C
David Steingas – 1951 220S Cabriolet
John Olson – 1959 300SL Roadster
Jack Church – 1985 500SL (euro)
Dean Nolde – 1999 SLK230
Daniel Miller – 1970 280SL
Jim Klecker – 1968 280SL
Matt Jurcich – 1999 S500 Grand Edition
Ron Burg – 1971 280SL

Dave Tobin Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Tobin corrals Mercedes Club members at Sears and passes out maps to the show.

A couple of other members met the group in Osseo including:
Ron Scott – 1980 450SLC
Don Stephenson – 1971 280SL

(I think most of the years of the cars mentioned above are correct, a couple could be a few years off).

Any new venue creates challenges to organizers of a car show of the size and scope of the InterMarque’s Spring Kick Off. Our Mercedes-Benz Club was one of the ‘club sponsors’ of the event. We were told we could pick just 7 cars (all had to have been built prior to 1991) to show on the main street of the show. The rest of our club member cars would be pointed to peripheral parking areas, but still be allowed to park together if we arrived together. Well, once we got there, we ended up with about 9 of our cars on the main drag and and a handful of other down the street and around the corner, others, those build after 1991 were parked in an entirely different area, so we were a bit spread out. In the end, there was plenty of room on the main street, so we really all could have parked together… there was more than enough space, but organizers just weren’t sure how it was going to shake out, so they did their best, which was quite good, this first time around. I spoke with them during the show and it sounds like they’ll apply the lessons learned this year to next year’s show. I would guess we’ll all be able to park in the same area next time.

We pitched our E-Z Up tent to provide us with some shade, set up a table with club membership materials and some back issues of the Northern Star for  passers by to pick up and take with them. It was a great day with a wide variety of cars in attendance.

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Mercedes Benz Club tent and car display.

There were more British cars than anything, as usual, at this show… from MGs and Triumphs to Jaguars, Rolls Royces and Bentleys. There were a good number of Italian cars including a pair of Maserati Ghiblis and handful of Alfa Romeos, I could only find one Ferrari and it happens to belong to a gentleman I know fairly well, he also has two Mercedes-Benz vehicles as daily drivers… he was even wearing his Mercedes-Benz hat all day while standing next to his Ferrari, I guess he has decent taste. There were plenty of German cars as well… more Mercedes than Porsches or BMWs… thanks to our good club turn out.  I haven’t seen so many Citroens in one place since the last time I was in Paris… there seems to be a pretty active Citroen Club here in the Twin Cities.

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
A great turn out of T series MGs and other vintage British cars.

The InterMarque group is a sort of consortium of car clubs… it is a single organization that sort of compiles information about all the different foreign car clubs in the upper Midwest, their events, website information, etc. and publishes a monthly online newsletter with car show and event information as well as articles and reports that are of interest to all sorts of car enthusiasts. They also hold regular events throughout the Spring and Summer, the group meets every Saturday morning at the Square Peg Diner in Minneapolis every Saturday morning. If you’re into old cars and want to keep up with what is happening in the Twin Cities old car scene you need to sign up to receive email updates from the InterMarque. Visit their website by clicking this link and sign up to receive InterMarque Updates, it’s FREE!

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Ferrari Mondial, Maserati Ghibli.

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Wheels of Italy organizer Dan Schaefer's Alfa Romeo GTV.


Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
MBCA-TC member Matt Jurcich's 1999 S500 Grand Edition.


Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Steingas' 220S followed by Olson's 300SL, Bortner's 6.3, Flaten's 280SL and on down the line.
Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo
Jack Church's red 500SL, Tobin's '73 280 Coupe.

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo

Mercedes Club InterMarque car show Osseo

John Olson 300SL Roadster

Mercedes Club Minneapolis cars Show

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Dave Bortner's 6.3.
David Tobin Dave Knows Cars Blog
Dave Tobin's 1973 280C.

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club


Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Great looking Jaguar XK120.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Morgans are rare... Drophead Coupes are even rarer.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Citroen Traction Avant sedan.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Big 1925 Bentley.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
1955 Porsche 550 Spyder replica painted up like one of the Carrera Panamericana cars.


Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
More MGs than you can shake a stick at.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club Ferrari
Some nefarious characters were even allowed into the show... Mercedes owner Alkis Michaelides brought his newest midlife crisis... a 1992 Ferrari Mondial.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Schaefer's Alfa GTV.

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club

Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Pretty MG TC.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
This Mercedes-Benz 190SL showed up with a for sale sign in it... looked a bit tired for a $47,000 asking price.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Late in the day, and MG TD drives off, pipe in teh driver's mouth and all.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Show's over... Olson drives off, Flaten not far behind.
Intermarque car show Osseo Mercedes Club
Following Olson in his 300SL (trying to keep up anyway).

One of the most fun parts of the day for me was driving back home… following John Olson all the way down Plymouth Rd / Xenium Lane / Zachary Lane for about 15 miles. People might not know what he’s driving, but all eyes, through every intersection, were on that 300SL, there is just something about that car, that shape… it absolutely must be one of the all time great designs. They look good in photos, on paper, but nothing prepares you for how they look gliding over the road at speed. A special day indeed.

1981 Mercedes Benz 300TD Diesel Wagon Euro Model Manual 4 Speed for Sale!

Mercedes 300TD Diesel Wagon

This 1981 Mercedes 300TD wagon rolled into Sears Imports this morning, the gentleman who drove up in it is interested in selling it… he just advertised it in this month’s Hemming’s Motor News. He bought it out of New York a little more than a year ago for his wife, but they have a number of other vehicles and she just doesn’t choose to drive this vintage Mercedes wagon enough to justify keeping it.

It has just over 180,000 original miles on the odometer, it is a very rare 4 speed manual transmission car with the 5 cylinder diesel engine that is known to run for literally, millions of miles. It was a European car originally, it has the two tone cloth / MB tex interior. I would say the car is in good, driver quality condition. It was mostly rust free, with several small bubbles beginning to show around the rear fender arches. The interior was in decent shape, the driver’s seat could use a recovering at this point, but it’s a complete car in a really good looking color combo… red with tan interior.

The owner is asking $8,500 for this very rare manual transmission diesel wagon, the owner says he gets a little over 30mpg. If you’re interested in the car please contact me and I can put you in touch with the owner. More Photos below:

Mercedes 300TD Diesel Wagon

Mercedes 300TD Diesel Wagon

Mercedes 300SL Roadster Expertly Restored here in Minneapolis by my Buddy Bruce Kelly of Lake Country Classics Crossing RM Auction Block RIGHT NOW! in Arizona Today, NO RESERVE! SOLD at $670k!

Mercedes 300SL RM Auctions

UPDATE! Sold at $670,000! It’s auction time in Arizona… this 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster will be auctioned this afternoon at RM Auctions Arizona sale being held at the Arizona Biltmore. What’s special about this particular car? A couple of things, one… it’s selling for no reserve, it’s a desirable 300SL roadster with Rudge knock off wheels that’s been recently exercised in the Copperstate 1000 Rally… but most interesting, to me anyway… is that this car underwent a complete, nut and bolt restoration several years ago by my good buddy, and partner in car crime, Bruce Kelly at his Lake Country Classics shop here in Minneapolis. Visit the RM Auction description here.
Bruce Kelly Mercedes 300SL

This is a superb example of an iconic 300SL Roadster, a model that has seen a serious upward value trend over the past several years. These are sought after by collectors today for several reasons. One basic reason is that they’re reliable, comfortable cars to drive, they start when you want them to start, they don’t over heat, they’re generally very reliable cars that you can feel comfortable taking on a long classic car rally without too much anxiety or worrying if it’s going to start in the morning and make it through the day.

Bruce Kelly Mercedes

This is lot number 331, it will be going over the auction block in a few minutes… you can visit RM Auctions website to see a live broadcast of the auctions as they happen. Just follow this link.

Rare Bird to Appear at the Gooding Scottsdale Auction – 1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL Alloy Body, One of Just 29 Ever Built

Gooding and Co Mercedes

The collector car market these days is red hot… at the top anyway. Blue Chip collectibles, cars like Ferrari 250GTs of just about any type are pulling big money, the best, well documented, no stories Shelby Cobras are on fire, Aston Martin DBs of any number are going through the roof and Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwings and roadsters have seen price increases over the last few years that would make any Wall Street investor wish all their investments paid such returns. The ’55 300SL alloy bodied car that’s pictured here is being offered at Gooding and Company’s Scottsdale, AZ auction in January of 2012… it is, arguably, one of the most sought after 300SLs and it’s poised to pull big dollars at the sale.

gooding mercedes gullwing
Iconic by any measure.
Mercedes 300SL Alloy Auction
This blue plaid cloth interior was typical for the mid 1950s.

Mercedes-Benz made just 29 alloy bodied 300SLs (alloy bodied refers to the aluminum coachwork as opposed to steel) for special clients who, theoretically, planned to race their cars. Not only were the bodies lighter, but they were equipped with tuned suspension and a more highly tuned engine making them perfectly suited to the gentleman racer back in the days  when you could drive such a car to a race track, use some masking tape to cover the headlamps and put numbers on the side of the car, race the car and then drive it home afterwards.

The 29 alloy bodied Gullwings are well documented, they have been tracked for years, be serial number, by die hard enthusiasts and marque specialists around the world. A complete list of these cars and where they reside (and with whom) is printed in SL specialist and publisher of ‘The SL Market Letter” John Olson’s book “The SL Experience” available on his SL Marter website or at This book is the definitive guide to Mercedes-Benz SLs by year starting with the 300SLs from the 1950s all the way into the early 2000s with the last of the R129 chassis cars.

This 1955 300SL alloy bodied car that will be auctioned at the Gooding and Co. auction in January is certainly one of the rarest of the breed. The auction estimate for this car is $2.5 to $3.5 million. Seeing how one of these hasn’t come up for auction in the past five years, and who knows when the next one will become available, it wouldn’t surprise me if this car sells handily in that range next month in Arizona. I suppose it wouldn’t surprise me if it went beyond that estimate, but it would certainly be all the money, as this estimate is easily twice the price of a perfect 300SL to this point… but hey, Where are you going to find another? If the right two bidders want this car bad enough, who knows how far up the price will go?