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Who’s Dave?

Who is Dave and does he really know cars?

Dave Tobin
Dave Tobin leaning on an SL Market Letter subscriber’s 1971 Mercedes 280SL while participating in the 2nd Annual Walleye 1000 Vintage Rally, June 2013, an event he started just to have an excuse to drive his old car.

Dave Tobin operates Collector Car Consultants, LLC from Minneapolis, MN – offering sales consulting, marketing, appraisals and auction representation of vintage and classic automobiles. He specializes in buying and selling interesting, rare classic and collector cars for clients world wide.

Dave is also the Marketing Manager and a Contributing Editor for the SL Market LetterThe resource for rare and collectible Mercedes market analysis and sales information for over 30 years.” See what we’re up to at the SL Market Letter by visiting our website.

The SL Market Letter is a print based publication headquartered in Minneapolis. Editor and Publisher, John Olson, is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on the collectible Mercedes-Benz market. Olson has served as a judge at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, he has also authored several books on the subject of collectible Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

At the SL Market Letter we work with ALL TYPES of collectible Mercedes and we:
– Market and sell cars for our clients to our enthusiast network around the world.
– Search for and locate all types of rare and collectible Mercedes-Benz automobiles for our clients.
– Publish the industry leading resource for people looking to buy or sell a rare or collectible Mercedes.
– Provide price trend consulting, inspections and collector car auction representation.

Dave Says…
For years I have read about and researched cars and the companies that manufacture them. Cars are what I’m generally thinking about when I go to bed at night, I think about them when I wake up in the morning, they’re what I talk about at dinner parties (just ask my friends) and now they’re what I surround myself with everyday at work.

My love of all things automotive was passed on to me by my father. He has always loved European sports cars, the really innovative, groundbreaking designs that influenced automotive history that show up these days in modern art museums, all the way down to the more common cars you still see out and about on those beautiful spring days.

Growing up there was always a British sports car or two in various stages of completion in our garage. Car books and magazines littered shelves and coffee tables around the house.
dave tobin

As you can see in this photo I grew up with an oil painting of an Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 racing at Le Mans in 1931 hanging in our living room. Since this photo was taken it’s been framed, they’ve moved several times over the years, and it still hangs over the mantle in their current home.

My mother is clearly a saint to put up with such automotive nonsense, but secretly she’s been a willing participant for years, even before my parents were married! In fact, she found my father one of his first sports cars. She saw an ad on a bulletin board at the University of Cincinnati in the late sixties for a 1959 Morgan +4 Drop head Coupé, just $600. She took the ad off the bulletin board so no one else could see it, took it to my dad, and he bought the car.

My father in the 1959 Morgan +4 Drop Head Coupe my mother found for him circa 1967.

I’ve been a member of the Sports Car Club of America for almost ten years, I currently serve as the vice president of the Twin Cities Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America. When I’m not at work I’m often doing something auto related. During the long winter in Minnesota I spend a lot of time online combing auto classifieds keeping up with the new and pre-owned car markets or writing articles for my other blog affordable classic car reviews.com.


3 thoughts on “Who’s Dave?”

  1. Dave,

    Good to be back with you and John. Currently driving a 2007 SL550, 2009 Jaguar XK Coupe (daily driver) and 2012 S550 (our family car). Always want to know everything possible about SL’s and you and John are the encyclopedias and might consider swapping the XK for a nice (2009-2012 depending on the deal) SL 63 AMG . Please keep in touch! Thanks.


  2. Dave,

    Stumbled across your website while researching the Mercedes R129 SL series. Currently own a 62′ Mercedes 190SL (34 yr period). Patiently upgrading the overall condition. Now considering more modern classic and the six cylinder R129 SL looks physically appealing. As a contributor to the SL newsletter, do you feel this model has increased in value in the last year after plateau (ing) for awhile or will there be further depreciation. I read the recent SL newsletter artitle about the R129 series but noticed the value tables stopped after Jan-Jun 2014. Really would appreciate your comments and insight. I’m focusing on a one owner model currently for sale with service records and less than 80,000 miles. Thanks a great deal.

  3. Hi Sandy, Sorry for this very late reply. I think R129 SLs will be on a plateau for quite a few years to come. Regular driver quality cars with 80,000 miles, with any engine, should be $10,000 MAX. A friend of mine bought a 1996 SL320 with just 46,000 miles on it, in July of 2015 and paid $7,500… gorgeous example, looked new, no accidents or stories. They’re at the bottom of the their depreciation curve and represent a LOT of car for the money. Buy a good one and drive it… chances are it will be 15-20 years before anything happens to values and even then… it will only be super low mile cars that are real collectibles… with special editions leading the pack (1997 40th anniversary SL320 and SL500, 2002 Silver Arrow, etc.)

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