DKC Guest Post! Jeep Dealer in St. Charles, the Place Where Younger Sister Follows Older Sister and Buys a Jeep Wrangler as her First Vehicle

Last weekend, I went car shopping with my sister. Last year, she earned her driver’s license. Now, she’s finally ready to graduate from borrowing mom and dad’s car to owning her own, and she wants to buy a Jeep like I had. Since we both had the day off, we decided to go out to lunch and then check out a Jeep dealer in St. Charles.

As soon as we pulled in, I felt the memories rushing back. The first vehicle I owned was a Jeep Wrangler with a convertible top. It was the car I had wanted from the time I was a small child, and driving it off the lot was more exciting than all the other “firsts” I experienced during my teenage years. The Wrangler was a perfect first vehicle, and I remember it being a part of so many good times with my family and friends.

The first summer I owned it, I took a road trip to the beach with three friends. We blared our music and sang into the open air all the way to the shore, and when we got there, we cruised the main road full of stores and restaurants as if we were the coolest people to ever walk the earth. I brought my Jeep to concerts and baseball games, and when I went away to college, I packed it full of my things and it took me there, too.

Walking through the lot and looking at modern Wranglers and other Jeeps, I really enjoyed reminiscing with my sister about all the fun I had in my own first car. She was just a little kid herself back then, but even she has memories that involve riding around in the Jeep. In fact, she was my very first passenger, and I took her out for ice cream as soon as I got home from the dealer.

After she finished picking out all the colors and options for her new Jeep, I couldn’t help but ask her when she was going to take me out for a treat. It may seem like a small thing, but after watching her grow up all these years, I’m very excited to be a passenger in her new ride!

Thanks to Wendy Chase for this guest post!

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