japanses traffic jam study

Why Traffic Jams Happen For No Apparent Reason – Japanese Shockwave Traffic Jam Study and How DISTRONIC PLUS Can Make Such Things Less Annoying

japanses traffic jam study

Ever wonder why traffic jams occur for no apparent reason? You’re driving along, traffic slows, but you never see the huge 10 car pile up (or the single police car sitting with a speeding offender on the side of the road) that you are sure caused the whole thing… I’ve always heard things like.. if you’re in traffic and you just tap your brakes enough to make the guy behind you have to tap his brakes and on and on all the way back…. it will create a traffic jam that is hours long miles behind you.

I think that’s pretty much what this study from the University of Nagoya in  Nagoya, Japan  shows… an interesting, yet short video… just 40 seconds.

This video is a good reason to opt for the newest DISTRONIC PLUS system from Mercedes-Benz… the system will automatically apply your brakes or throttle to keep you a particular distance away from the car in front of you. Traffic jams are not fun, but DISTRONIC PLUS makes them more bearable.

Just remember.. constant speed, even if rather slow.. is better than hitting your brakes, then gas, then brakes then gas… Of course, you can do that, bur you can’t make sure all the other idiots eating, drinking, texting, reading shaving, doing their hair or their crossword puzzle on the way to work do the same thing.

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