Used Audi RS4

Hold on Tight! 2007 Mugello Blue Pearl Audi RS4 Quattro Manual Transmission Just $42,900!

Used Audi RS4

This lightly Used Audi RS4 is a 2007 model, it was just traded in here at Sears Imports and what a wild machine this is. It’s in great condition, inside and out, it was clearly well cared for. It was originally a California car which was sold to its second owner by Maplewood Imports in St. Paul to its second owner, a local German car enthusiast… he traded it in here last week. It is a no accident, no stories, clean Carfax car that we have inspected and serviced, it’s ready to roll today.

The exterior is Mugello Blue Pearl, the interior is black leather. It has a great manual transmission giving you all the control you can hope to have over the huge horsepower its 4.2 liter V8 engine lays down across the four drive wheels thanks to the Audi Quattro system… this car sounds incredible and is scary fast, despite the fact that most people out there on the road don’t have clue what the car is or what it’s capable of.

It has about 51,750 miles on its odometer and is ready for another 50k. This is Sears Imports’ stock# 20218A, the price today is $42,900.

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