Minneapolis Based Photographer Joe Ringus Launches “Dealer Decor” Offering Unique, Original Automotive Artwork to Auto Enthusiasts and Car Dealers


Are you looking for unique, original automotive artwork for your home, office, man cave or ‘garage-mahal’? What would you do if you had everyday access to millions of dollars worth of new cars? A new Minneapolis based company, ‘Dealer Decor’, specializes in high quality studio based automotive photography that offers automotive enthusiasts and dealerships an artistic, visual alternative to the usual OEM produced posters and promotional materials.

Company principle Joe Ringus is a fine art photographer who happens to manage the artistic side of the advertising efforts at a local Mercedes-Benz and Nissan Dealership in Minneapolis. He has applied his unique photographer’s eye to the high end automotive products that that surround him everyday. He has taken these machines into the photo studio and turned out a series of provocative images that would look wonderful on any dealership or automotive enthusiast’s walls.

The images that Ringus and Dealer Decor turn out would look perfectly at home in a Mercedes-Benz product brochure. Details of the cars, things that most people might glance over or never notice are discovered and explored by Ringus’ keen artistic eye. Every curve and nuance of Mercedes-Benz sheet metal, the way the light moves over and around it, is put on the stage of his camera’s lens. The high resolution digital images are printed in full color, on high quality canvas which is then stretched over a wood frame. Each piece is shipped ready for hanging, they come out of the box and are ready to hang on your wall.

dealer decor mercedes artwork
A Dealer Decor piece in a dealership office.

Standard prints from the Dealer Decor Collections can be ordered in a variety of sizes depending upon the size of the space in which they’ll reside. Standard prints are available in three sizes, 24″ x 16″, 30″ x 20″ and 42″ x 28″. Prices range from $285 to $360.

Dealer Decor caters primarily to automotive dealerships who have a lot of wall space to cover, but the company has started to work with individual automotive enthusiasts looking to decorate their offices and garages. Prints from the Dealer Decor Collections are available to individuals, there is no minimum order. Special projects are occasionally undertaken, whether it involves a specific model or even a client’s own vehicle. Ringus’ hands on, collaborative artistic approach in the studio opens up possibilities for all types of vehicles. Prices vary on the size and scope of each individual project.

Visit the Dealer Decor Website to see more details of their artistic process and many photographs in the current collections.


Dealer-Decor-auto dealer artwork


Dealer-Decor-Mercedes-poster art

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