Used Mercedes G wagen

Barely Used 2011 G550 G Wagen Just 2,227 Original, One Owner Miles Now Available!

Used Mercedes G wagen

This is a rare opportunity to acquire an almost new 2011 Mercedes-Benz G550 with just over 2,200 original, one owner miles!

G wagens are rare and hard to come by as it is, they build about 3,500 G550s for the civilian world each year. This car was purchased in Arizona by a local Minneapolis man who decided to bring it back to the Twin Cities from Arizona. It is in essentially as new condition, perfect in every way, no issues of any kind.

G wagens are pretty much built one way, loaded. This one is no exception. While the seat adjustment controls are the same as an E class from 1991, the head unit is packed with the latest in Mercedes-Benz “Infotainment” technology. iPod kit, voice control, hard drive based navigation with a music register, memory card slot, Sirius Satellite radio, real time traffic reporting, Bluetooth and all the other stuff you’d get in a new 2011 S class is packed into this G wagen.

Below is a copy of the original window sticker / option list… it’s fairly short, as G wagens are pretty much standard with everything anyway.
Used 2011 G550
Priced at $99,900, this is Sears Imports stock# 20026.

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