Mercedes C250 Coupe

“They’re Real and They’re Spectacular!” 2012 Mercedes Benz C250 Coupe and C350 Coupe In Stock and Available at Sears Imports in Minnetonka!

Mercedes C250 Coupe

The all new 2012 Mercedes Benz C250 (pictured) and C350 Coupe models just rolled off the transporter at Sears Imports on Monday morning, September 12. We have both models in stock and ready to roll. Here are some photos of the C250 that I took less than 12 hours ago. The new coupes look great, nicely proportioned, very nice on the inside as well, they feel a lot like an E class coupe from an interior standpoint. I drove the C250, now a 2 liter turbo charged engine… it performed admirably. Torque and quick, not like it was working too hard… it was jut right, wonderful handling and a smooth, sporty ride… all while returning 21 mpg city and 31 mpg highway (and the EPA numbers are ALWAYS conservative.

Both of these C class coupes are rear wheel drive models, 4matics will be out later.

Okay.. several photos below.. I’ll write more tomorrow… it’s 1:46am.. I had to write something to get started, I just couldn’t sleep without posting something about the new coupes! Will expand this article Tuesday morning!

C350 Interior Changes

C Class Coupe interior... new wheel, Nav screen placement, buttons, color instrument display... lots of new stuff!

Mercedes C250 MPG

Look at that gas mileage!

Mercedes C250

Mercedes Coupe

Mercedes C250 Price

Nicely equipped at $42k and change.



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