And Now For Something Compeltely Different… All Electric Nissan Leaf AVAILABLE to Test Drive at Feldmann Imports Nissan!

In stark contrast to the V12 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG we just received into our inventory (see that blog entry HERE) let me present the first all electric Nissan Leaf sedan available for public test drives in the state of Minnesota.

Sure it might have about 500 LESS horsepower than the V12 SL65 AMG, producing 107hp through its electric motor powered by a 90 kilowatt lithium ion battery pack, but it emits no emissions, really, it doesn’t even have a tailpipe. It’s here at Feldmann Imports right now, available for test driving.

Feldmann Imports was able to bring this car from California to Minnesota last week in a creative move to bring one of the most sought after cars on the market to the Minneapolis area, a car that wasn’t scheduled to be in this market for several months. This car is currently a demo at Feldmann Imports meant for people interested in the Nissan Leaf to come in for test drives.

Anyone interested in the Leaf and  future Leaf customers on the national Nissan waiting list are welcome to come in to see and drive this Leaf so they can know what to expect when their name is called from the more than 20,000 names on the national reservation list. When Leaf vehicles are released to the dealership, they can come here and pick up their new vehicle.

Call today for an appointment to drive the all new Nissan Leaf… you won’t find another in the Twin Cities!

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