TWO New Re-designed 2012 Mercedes CLS550 Four Door Coupes Now In Stock and Available!

I pulled in to work this morning and what did I see? Two brand new CLS550 coupes parked next to the auto transporter that just dropped them off. These are both 2012 model CLS550 models, completely redesigned, the first of their kind to appear here as regular inventory.

The Palladium Silver car (foreground) (**Update** Thanks Lucas, for correcting mere here, this is a STEEL GREY car, see comments below this post) is one of the very limited “Launch Edition” Cars, I will be putting together a full article on that particular car today… after I take it our for a spin. The Diamond White Metallic car (background) is a ‘regular’ CLS550 (if there is such a thing).

Prices of these two cars range from about $79,000 for the white one to $85,000 for the Launch Edition. These cars have the new 402HP direct injection V8 engine from Mercedes-Benz that’s efficient enough to dodge the EPA ‘Gas Guzzler’ tax that has been tacked on to CLS cars in the past, as a result, these new CLS cars have the ‘Blue Efficiency’ badge on their front fenders.

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