Fresh Off the Boat! Barolo Red S550 4matic One of Two in the Entire United States!

I was surprised to see this car sitting outside when I came to work this morning, Barolo Red is one of the rarest colors across the Mercedes-Benz product line, and very rare on the S class. Upon closer inspection I realized that this was a very special vehicle indeed. At almost $127,000 it is one of the most expensive S550 4matic vehicles in the entire United States.

I have included the original window sticker (below) for your reference. This is the most heavily equipped S class I have, personally, ever seen. It has all sorts of options, including the new “SPLITVIEW” screen in the front so the front seat passenger can watch a DVD from the dash mounted nav screen while not distracting the driver from the navigation. It’s got DISTRONIC PLUS, the Driver Assist package, and the awesome “Rear Seat Package”. I have always joked that if I had an S class I would have to hire a driver, as the back seat of the luxo barges is THE place to be.

It’s here and available, have a look at the original window sticker below for a list of all the options on this extremely rare, good looking vehicle. Feldmann Imports Stock# is M1318.

One thought on “Fresh Off the Boat! Barolo Red S550 4matic One of Two in the Entire United States!”

  1. Where can i purchase this car? I’ve been looking for years for a 4 door in Barlow red & came up with nothing. I presently own 3 benzes one being the red clk 320 & have out grown it , it’s up 4 sale now.

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