2012 Mercedes Benz CLS550 Arrives at Feldmann Imports! CLS Launch Edition and Regular Inventory Now En Route

This 2012 model Mercedes Benz CLS550 rolled into Feldmann Imports today, many jaws dropped at this long, lean, driving machine rolled to a stop. At the wheel, a Mercedes-Benz corporate trainer who will be putting on several training seminars for the new 2012 CLS and 2012 SLK models. Several new body style SLKs are due to arrive tomorrow for sales training.

While this Iridium Silver CLS is a manufacturer’s car and not available as regular inventory for sale, there are TWO new 2012 CLS models destined for Feldmann Imports that have already cleared customs and that an en route to the dealership! They should be here very soon.

These will be retail ready and available 2012 model CLS550 models. One of the cars incoming is a CLS550 Launch Edition, exterior color is Steel Grey, it will have Black Piano Lacquer wood trim and black leather interior. The other CLS that’s on its way has a Diamond White exterior with black leather interior. I noticed this 5.5 liter V8 CLS has the “Blue Efficiency” badge / logo on its front fenders… the same badge that appears on the highly efficient Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles. Why? Thanks to the new, direct injection engine in these cars they are considerably more fuel efficient than the previous models. In fact, you will no longer see a “Gas Guzzler” tax on the bottom of the window sticker on the new CLS, or new S class models for that matter.

I’ve written several articles about the details of the new CLS, rather than rehash all of that again, here are links to those previous articles.

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