Mercedes G550 G Wagen In Stock and Available Iridium Silver w/ Black Interior!

Just unloaded off the truck this morning, this is a 2011 model G550. This rugged off road vehicle needs no introduction. We usually get one or two of these into regular inventory each year, they only make about 3,500 for the world market each year at their dedicated factory in Austria.

They pretty much build them one way… fully loaded. This one is Iridium Silver with black leather interior, it’s got the 5.5 liter V8 pumping out 382hp. If you’re looking for a cushy family SUV to pick the kids up at school with and buckle them into their car seats a GL450 or even GL550 would be a better car (and cheaper)… this is a very stiff riding vehicle with three locking differentials, a seriously rugged off road vehicle for a┬ádiscerning buyer.

The original window sticker is posted below for your reference, price is┬ájust over $106k, Feldmann Imports’ stock# M1225.

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