Mercedes Benz Bang & Olufsen Stereo Specs and Photos – Now Available on Mercedes Benz S Class!

First introduced on the SLS AMG, the Bang & Olufsen stereo option has made it to the 2011 S550 sedan. We have this S550 sitting on our showfloor today, and it’s quite a special piece… think of it like a home theater that can cruise all day lone at 150mph. This stereo system sounds great, but it looks pretty incredible in the car too. There are illuminated tweeters, special aluminum speaker cover grilles, the whole package achieves a new level of luxury in a motorcar. 

Screen shot of some of the adjustments you can make front to rear with the Bang Olufsen System.

This particular car is massively equipped and happens to have the Bang & Olufsen sound system, all 15 speakers of it! While this option adds $6,400 to the price of the car, a discerning S class buyer and audiophile will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship here.  See below for more photos and full specs for the Bang & Olufsen system and more photos of the car as well as the original window sticker.

Mercedes-Benz S class Bang & Olufsen Stereo Specs:


  • 15 high-performance loudspeakers
  • 4 illuminated acoustic lenses on the dashboard and in the b-pillar
  • NeoDym Technology to optimize weight & performance
  • Speakers are mounted in closed cabinets to optimize the sound performance


  • True Image™ Bang & Olufsen music algorithm for upmix of stereo and 5.1 signals to 7.1 surround sound
  • 14 channel DSP amplifier
    • 9 power output channels – 450 watt
    • 5 line output channels
  • 5-channel ICEpower amplifier – 750 watt


  • Unique aluminium speaker grilles
  • Bespoke sound design by the acoustic team at Bang & Olufsen

Sound features

  • Microphone in the ceiling  for automatic volume and frequency adjustment
  • Automatic Volume Control – automatic real-time adjustment of equalization and volume to compensate for changing noise levels
  • Bang & Olufsen menu in the Comand System:
    • Sound mode: focus the sound on the front, rear or all passengers
    • True Image™: with the proprietary algorithm there’s a reference setting which offers a sound stage similar to that in a recording studio. It also offers the choice of a more surrounding listening experience if the user wishes.

One thought on “Mercedes Benz Bang & Olufsen Stereo Specs and Photos – Now Available on Mercedes Benz S Class!”

  1. Why did Mercedes drop the Bang Olufsen surround sound system
    from a Danish company that started in 1917/18, and has a reputation of second to none for a German company with 12 or maybe 13 years experience? Was it the cost?

    We have a 2011 S550 and belief these S550’s with the Bang Olufsen surround sound systems will be worth big bucks in the future, and with their naturally aspirated real 5.5 liter engines.

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