Used 2008 Mercedes GL Diesel 320 CDI Capri Blue with Macadamia Interior Now Available!

Wow! We don’t get used diesel GL SUVs in very often. While many people don’t understand diesels and aren’t interested in them, the Mercedes-Benz diesel faithful will probably scoop this one up in a hurry. If you ever need to town soemthing and want to get much better gas mileage than with any domestic SUV while doing it this is your answer. The GL class from Mercedes-Benz is generally thought to be the best vehicle in the full sized SUV segment, along with its super high torque diesel engine, this is the ultimate SUV.

This is a one owner vehicle originally purchased here at Feldmann Imports in a color combo you don’t often see on GL diesels, Capri Blue with Macadamia interior (fancy word for tan). Loaded with options (original window sticker below for your reference) and ready for long highway trips while returning respectable gas mileage. The engine used in this vehicle is the same as the engine used int he ML diesel of the same period.

If you’re interested in an owner’s real world experience driving and towing with a Mercedes-Benz diesel SUV, have a look at this link to a couple of Feature Articles I wrote last year about MB diesels.  This vehicle is available today at Feldmann Imports, it’s got 38,000 miles and is for sale for $49,871.

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