Customer in New Mexico Writes Glowing Review of Sparkling Graphite BMW 328i Purchase!

I got an email a couple of weeks ago from a gentleman in Rio Rancho, NM inquiring about a uniquely colored BMW 328i that we had in our inventory, it was traded in a couple of days earlier. He had the standard questions any out of state customer would have… What is the condition of the body? How is the tread on the tires? Are there any known mechanical issues?

I went out to look the car over very closely. It was a 2007 model with just over 32,000 miles. On the outside it was in very nice shape. It had one scratch on one of the doors, and some light scuffing on the other, wear commensurate with the age and mileage of the vehicle, overall it was very nice, nicer than most used cars I see in fact. The interior was what really stood out to me. It was a tan leather interior and it looked perfect. I don’t like to describe things with that word very often, especially to out of state buyers, but the inside of this car truly was immaculate. It doesn’t look like it ever carried passengers and I was sure to send a photo of the carpet floor mats, I think you can tell al ot about a car’s use by looking at the floor mats.

The customer in New Mexico was a pleasure to talk to on the phone, we discussed the particulars of the car, I gave him my imporessions of it. That was easy, it was just such a nice car and in the rare Sparkling Graphite Metallic color from BMW with a tan interior it looked quite good. He told me he was buying the car as a surprise gift for his wife. We struck a deal on the phone and after that, my colleague, David Ruben, took over the transaction. He made sure the money and paperwork was handled, sent the necessary paperwork via FedEx, he also made sure that the car was filled with gas and detailed one more time and that it was picked up by the auto transporter.

Feldmann Imports got the following letter from a happy customer in New Mexico this morning after the car was safely delivered on Saturday:

All we can say is … WOW!  When buying a used car “long distance”, you have to rely on the honesty and professionalism of the dealer reps. The 2 gentlemen who helped me purchase our 2007 BMW 328i were not only honest and professional, but went out of their way to make sure all my fears were put to rest.

David Tobin, took the time to walk around the car (exterior & interior) and totally describe the condition of the vehicle while we were on the phone. Dave Ruben took over the process to make sure all paperwork and shipping was handled … and it went like clockwork! My interaction with both Davids was nothing less than OUTSTANDING. They kept me in the loop on EVERYTHING.

We received our vehicle this past Saturday … and it was EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED. My wife is estatic! I must say that during our search for a used BMW we narrowed down our selection to 4 vehicles, all approx same price, same mileage and same condition. The factor that tilted our decision to go with Feldmann was the email we received from David Tobin regarding his background with Mercedes and his love for vehicles. When he stated the car we were looking at was “one of the most immaculate used cars we’ve had come thru Feldmann” … we were sold. Thank you, David Tobin, Dave Ruben, and all the other staff at Feldmann.

Rio Rancho, NM

PS: The level of service in buying this USED CAR was at the same level we have received in buying our last NEW BMW. We can’t thank you enough!

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