2011 Minneapolis Auto Show Nissan Leaf Now on Display at Feldmann Imports Nissan!

I’m pleased to announce that there ia an all new, all electric, Nissan Leaf sitting on the show room floor of Feldmann Imports Nissan in Bloomington right now! This car was dropped off by a transporter this morning, it will be on display at the Nissan booth at the 38th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show from March 12 – 20, 2011, but until then it will be here at Feldmann Imports.

Plenty of room for cargo in the Leaf's hatchback.

The all electric Nissan leaf has about a 100 mile range between charges. It takes about 40 minutes to charge the car fully when hooked up to a 440 volt charging station, available to be installed in customer garages. A standard 110v wall outlet will charge the car fully in about 18 hours. More photos below…

Under the Leaf's hood, being charged here by a 110v regular wall outlet.

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