2012 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster Available for Pre Order Through Dave Knows Cars and Feldmann Imports!

This is not a joke! Feldmann Imports Mercedes Benz in Bloomington, MN has access to ONE allocation of the new, not yet released, 2012 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster. That’s right… a convertible roadster version of the highly sought after SLS AMG supercar is being released to dealerships later this year and Dave Tobin from the Dave Knows Cars Blog has access to one allocation at Feldmann Imports! Contact me (Dave Tobin) today for more details. 

Our allocation is for one 2012 SLS AMG roadster with a planned build date of July 2011, delivery will be several months after that. The buyer of this car will have it built to their specifications in terms of interior and exterior color, options, etc. Unfortunately there will be no test drives, you won’t be able to see one before the order is placed, I suppose you’re counting on 125 years of excellence and innovation from Mercedes-Benz to not let you down. I can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed.

Feldmann Imports has sold two SLS AMG cars since their introduction (as many as we have been able to get our hands on). One was delivered in June of 2010, see blog post about that car here. The second has been built and is due to arrive here at Feldmann Imports for delivery to its new owner next week, February 2011.

SLS AMG coupes have been running in the $190,000 – $225,000 price range depending upon how they’re equipped. The buyer of the roadster can expect a similar price. No official pricing has been released, nor have official photos of the car been released.

There are two photos that were leaked (probably on purpose) of an SLS AMG Roadster sitting outside the gates of the AMG head quarters in Germany, with black tape over the badges and some of the body lines… as if there is any question as to what kind of car it is.. sitting right outside the gates to AMG.

The roadster will have a soft convertible top that is said to retract in about 8 seconds and can be retracted while traveling at speeds up to 35 mph. It will have conventional doors, like the classic 300SL roadsters that followed the original 300sL Gullwing coupes of the 1950s. We expect the rest of the car (inside, outside and under the hood) to be quite similar to the coupes that have already been delivered.

A classic 1962 Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster. This car was restored and sold recently by Spirited Automobiles located in British Columbia, Canada (click photo to visit their website). They are absolute masters of the classic 300SL.

A firm commitment to buy the car and a sizeable deposit will be required to secure the allocation. Please feel free to contact me if you’re  serious and interested in such a purchase. (more photos below)  – Dave Tobin

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