Huge Mercedes Warranty! Mercedes Benz Certified Pre Owned Warranty Now Available up to 135,000 Miles!

Mercedes Just introduced a new Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre Owned Extended Limited Warranty program that will cover your Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz vehicle up to 135,000 miles… not just to the 100,000 mile mark as has been the case for the past several years!

Any Certified Pre Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicle includes the balance of the factory warranty, the original 4 years or 50,000 miles from the original ‘in service date (warranty start date) of the vehicle. Once that warranty runs out, when you hit 50,000 miles or 4 years from that in service date, the Certified Pre Owned Warranty included with the purhase of the car begins… which is one year or up to 100,000 miles. So you’re essentially getting a 5 year up to 100,000 miles warranty (from the warranty start date) when you buy a Certified Pre Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

You have always been allowed to buy an additional year or two beyond the one year included in the price of the Certified Pre Owned car, but the mileage limit has always been 100,000. Not anymore!

What Changed? New Options…
As of February 1, 2011 Mercedes-Benz will offer new Certified Pre Owned Limited Warranty options for the additional year or two you can purchase at the time you purchase your Certified Pre Owned car.

If you buy an additional one year beyond the standard free year included with CPO program the mileage limit is raised to 120,000 miles.

If you buy an additional two years beyond the standard free year included with CPO program the mileage limit is raised to 135,000 miles.

In short, the Certified Pre Owned car’s warranty could be as long as 7 years or up to 135,000 miles from the original ‘in service’ / ‘warranty start’ date of the car. The price of the warranties depends upon the class of Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Warranty prices by vehicle class are as follows:

Vehicle Class         Price
1 Year / 120k miles $1,595
2 Year / 135k miles $2,295
CLS, R, GL, M  
1 Year / 120k miles $2,195
2 Year / 135k miles $3,295
S, SL, CL, G, AMG, V12  
1 Year / 120k miles $2,795
2 Year / 135k miles $4,495

As always, from a value standpoint, the two year warranty option is a no brainer, as two years isn’t twice the price of just one, it’s a better value. If you think you’re going to keep the car for a long time the two year warranty is a great option, and even if you decide to sell the car before the warranty is finished, the warranty goes with the car. Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre Owned Warranties are about the car, not the owner. They are attached to the VIN, so if the car pulls into a Mercedes-Benz dealership service aisle, the VIN will let the service advisor know that the car is under warranty, no matter who owns it or who is driving it.

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