186 mph in a Famly Sedan! New 2011 Mercedes S63 BiTurbo Arrives, AMG Performance Package and no Gas Guzzler Tax!

My dad used to talk about “making good time” while driving to South Carolina on family vacations in our ’76 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Wagon… “We’re making great time” he’d say as we plowed through the mountains of Tennessee. Just think of the ‘great time’ you could make.. and have… driving this monsterous new Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, with the new for 2011 Twin Turbo V8!

This is the first one of these I’ve seen, it just arrived this morning, it will be cleaned up and on the show floor by this afternoon. I can’t wait to pop the hood and have a look at the new AMG BiTurbo engine (this one is equipped with a carbon fiber engine cover). This car is loaded (see photo of window sticker below). In addition to the Night View Assist feature and Driver Assistance Package this particular car is equipped with the AMG Performace package which gives it an extra 27hp and an increased (yet still electronically limited) top speed of 186mph.

Another interesting thing is that the new Twin Turbo engine with direct fuel injection is efficient enough to just duck under the EPA rule for the ‘gas guzzler tax’. Last year’s model had a few thousand dollar gaz guzzler tax added to the MSRP, but not anymore. Burn as much high octane fuel as you’d like in this one… while keeping your conscience as clear as I hope the left lane is for you while driving this beast.

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