Mercedes Benz Roof Rack Basic Carrier Cargo Box and Bicycle Rack Show Up On Customer S Class

There’s no doubt this S class owner knwos how to have a good time in the outdoors. This looks like a 2009 S class to me, based on the exterior mirrors and AMG sport wheels. While the S class has a cavernous trunk and tons of room inside, if you’ve got four people with sports equpment and other recreational cargo chances are you’ll want to have cargo management options.

This car is equipped with the Roof Rack Basic Carrier that screws into the little hinged doors running along the roof line of the car, most people look at those and don’t have a clue what they’re for… this is what it’s for. Hooked up to that is the large Roof Cargo Container which can carry a number of things including a ski rack, fitted Mercedes-Benz luggage or just whatever you feel like putting in there. Next to the cargo box is a single bike rack accessory.

There are all sorts of these accessories available in any Mercedes-Benz Parts department or in the “Mercedes-Benz Collection” catalog. The accessories on this car are fairly popular, you’ve got all sortf of different things available depending upon what sort of outdoor and recreation activites you like to do.

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