New 2011 Mercedes Benz Club Loyalty Rewards Program: A cool $1000 Discount Off Your Best Deal on a New Mercedes Benz Lease or Purchase!

I’ve written about the benefits of being and staying a member of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America before. The NEW for 2011 Loyalty Rewards Program for club members has been released, and I’d say it’s sweeter than in past years.

The new 2011 Loyalty Rewards Program gives you a straight $1,000 discount beyond the best price you negotiate with the Mercedes-Benz dealer when you’re buying or leasing a new car. So… negotiate your best deal, then present your  “Member in Good Standing” Certificate from Mercedes-Benz (more details on that below) and you will receive an additional $1,000 discount off of your lease or purchase of a new vehicle.

Previously, when you purchased or leased a new vehicle from a franchised Mercedes-Benz dealership as a club member in good standing you were eligible for a $1,500 gift card good at dealership service and parts departments or to purchase items from the ‘Mercedes-Benz Collection’ of lifestyle gifts and accessories.

REMEMBER: The discount is available to Mercedes-Benz Club members in good standing after 12 consecutive months of club membership. So you have to plan ahead, you CANNOT join tomorrow and get the discount on a car you buy this weekend. Join now for a discount on a purchase next year.

In addition to this ‘new for 2011’ $1,000 discount you get all the other benefits of club membership:

Subscription to the Twin Cities Section Club Newsletter “The Northern Star”

Subscription to the national Mercedes-Benz Club magazine “The Star”

Plus a bunch of other fun things… access to events, offers, etc. etc.

If you are local to the Minnesota or Northwest Wisconsin area you can join the Mercedes-Benz Club of America – Twin Cities Section. Visit the local Mercedes Benz Club Twin Cities Section website here.

Or go to the national Mercedes-Benz Club of America website for full membership information and a sign up form. It’s only $45 per year. How can you NOT join.. even if you think you’ll buy a new Mercedes-Benz in the next couple of years, it’s well worth it.

Give me a call or drop me an email if you want more details or visit the national Mercedes-Benz Club’s Membership page at their website by clicking this link for Mercedes-Benz Club Membership info.

Complete details and terms and conditions of the Loyalty Rewards Program are available below, in the article I plucked from the national Mercedes-Benz Club website about this brand new program, From

2011 Loyalty Rewards Program U.S.

Being and staying a member of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) has its privileges. Members of the Club who have enjoyed 12 consecutive months of membership or longer (without lapse) qualify for the NEW Loyalty Rewards Program offered by Mercedes-Benz USA to Mercedes-Benz Club of America members only.

The U.S. Program, new in 2011, entitles you to $1,000 off the price of any 2010, 2011 or 2012 Mercedes-Benz vehicle (excluding Sprinter Vans) that you purchase or lease from an authorized U.S. Mercedes-Benz Dealership.

To receive your $1,000 discount:

1. Go to your favorite authorized U.S. Mercedes-Benz Dealership and negotiate the best price for a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Present an Official Loyalty Rewards Program “Member in Good Standing” Certificate to the Dealer (carefully read #2 below). The Dealer will take $1,000 off the price of your purchase or lease instantly.

2. To print your Official Loyalty Rewards Program “Member in Good Standing” Certificate, please read these instructions carefully.

a. You will have 60 days from the day you print your Certificate to bring the Certificate to your Dealer for a $1,000 discount. Certificates will not be accepted any time after 60 calendar days past the date it was printed (the expiration date will automatically print on your Certificate).

b. Once you print a Certificate, you will be unable to print another one.

c. Primary Club members may redeem one $1,000 Reward Certificate during calendar year 2011. The vehicle must be purchased in the Primary member’s name.

d. Associate Club members (any member, 18 years of age or older, residing in the Primary member’s residence and identified as the Associate member in National Business Office records) may redeem one $1,000 Reward Certificate during calendar year 2011. The vehicle must be purchased in the Associate member’s name.

e. Copied, forged or otherwise altered Certificates are prohibited. Certificates may not be redeemed toward vehicles purchased prior to January 1, 2011.

f. Questions? Please call the National Business Office at 1.800.637.2360 weekdays from 8am-5pm Mountain Time

g. If you have not already done so, please log-in to this site to see if you’re a member in good standing (a Member in Good Standing seal will automatically appear on your log-in Profile page).

Terms and Conditions
Offer subject to change without notice. Only those vehicles purchased or leased from authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships or licensed independent dealerships in the U.S. qualify for this offer. $1,000 discount is non-transferable and can only be redeemed by a qualified Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) member.

Sales documents and vehicle title must be in the MBCA member’s name or the name of his/her business. If an MBCA member co-signs for a vehicle with a non-MBCA member, both persons must reside in the same household. This offer is available in conjunction with other special purchase programs offered by Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), including Mercedes-Benz Financial special finance/lease programs unless otherwise restricted by the terms of those programs.

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