2012 Mercedes Benz C Class Facelift and New Engine Choices to debut in Detroit!

Mercedes-Benz will officially be releasing the lightly restyled C class for the 2012 model year at the Detroit Auto Show in January. The new models will start to arrive at dealer show rooms during the Summer of 2011. The official press release from Mercedes-Benz is all the way down here, let me summarize the most significant changes.

2012 C class Engines: The most significant changes are here… new engine choices! A 1.8 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged direct injection engine will be available in the new models, known as the C250, it will have 201 hp on tap and provide better fuel economy than its V6 counterparts. Combined fuel economy for the new C250 is 24 mpg, while the C300 engine remains at a combined fuel economy of 20 mpg. The C300 will stick with the 228 hp V6, but interestingly enough both the C250 and C300 have 0-60 mph times of 7.1 seconds, so while there isn’t as much pure horsepower or top speed in the 4 cylinder it keeps right up with the C300 at regular highway speeds.

The top of the line C350 will get an upgraded direct-injection V6 with additional horsepower, the 2012 will pack 302hp, up from 268 in past years.

Exterior / Interior: The most significant changes to the exterior of the car are at the front. The C class gets new headlamps and a new style LED daytime running lamps, similar to the 2011 models, but not exactly the same. The front bumper is more aggressively styled and sculpted, slightly reminiscent of the E class coupe I think. From the early release photos I can’t see any changes to the rear end of the car.

It looks like a new steering wheel will be introduced on the new C class in addition to a general updating and upgrading to the interior. I can see some new button and switch materials being used, again, getting closer to the E class in some of the design cues.

Options: The new C class cars will have additional optional equipment available, most notable the list of extensive safety features now available on the E class and larger models, things like Attention Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Adaptive High Beam Assist.

It’s hard to believe that 2012 will be the fourth year for the “new” C class. Mercedes has been constantly tweaking and improving the car since its debut in 2008. It’s nice to see a brand new engine choice in the 4 cylinder turbo, I’ll look forward to trying that one out on the road… better gas mileage, but same 0-60 performance… glad to see that. It’s an engine that’s been used for years in Europe, they finally decided to bring it to these shores. Now, if only they’d bring the C class wagon to the United States!

2012 C class interior, C class wagon in background.


New look for Mercedes’ top-selling sedan this summer
The restyled MY2012 C-Class

• Energetic – new dynamic look inside and out
• Expanded – five new assistance systems for greater safety
• Efficient – new direct-injection engines with better fuel economy
• Experience – new-generation telematics
• Exceptional – more than one million sold since March 2007

The restyled 2012 C-Class sedan is scheduled to arrive in the U.S. in the summer of 2011. The front and rear end of the popular Mercedes sedan have been enhanced with a more distinctive design. The luxurious interior is now emphasized by the stylish new dashboard, which features a premium, fine-grain finish and stylish trim elements, as well as a high-resolution color display in the instrument cluster. Fuel economy has been improved by as much as 15 percent, thanks to new direct-injection engines and the redesigned 7-speed automatic transmission. Five new driver assistance systems ranging from the ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection system through to the Blind Spot Assist are now available in the C-Class lineup. New generation telematics offer new infotainment and navigation features.

“In terms of driveline and safety systems, the new-generation C-Class offers the comfort and safety of our luxury vehicles – and with many high-end details in the interior evocative of the new CLS, the new C-Class sets completely new benchmarks in its segment when it comes to premium look-and-feel,” says Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. This interior upgrade is further enhanced by the latest generation of telematics, which not only features completely new visuals, but also brings improved functionality.

A total of more than 2,000 new parts distinguish the newest generation of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class from its predecessor. The U.S. market introduction is scheduled for summer 2011 (available to order in Europe as of January 2011). Alongside the generous standard equipment, the Sport and Luxury versions of the new C-Class form the basis of the individualization program, with both lines now more clearly differentiated from each other.

The C-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s highest volume model range, and therefore especially important. The current range has chalked up global sales of more than one million units since its launch in March 2007. Since the market introduction of the first C-Class in 1982 (known then as the 190), Mercedes-Benz has sold more than 8.5 million vehicles around the world.

Dynamic, determined and confident exterior

The bumper now has a more distinctive and dynamic design, with the front end adopting the brand’s new design language. The central element of the front end is the grille, which is further enhanced by the new bumper design. The center air intake opens upward in a v-shape and forms the core element of the grille design. Distinctive lines emerge from the base of the aggressive arrow design in the center. Running beneath the headlamps, these character lines transition into the side profile. The outboard air intakes in the bumper are positioned very low down to give the car a more muscular stance.

The C-Class features a new aluminum hood, which contributes to weight reduction and consequently to improved fuel efficiency. Contours around the headlamps and grille bring additional emphasis to the front-end arrow form. Working together with the redesigned headlamps, the overall front-end look is far more distinctive.

Modified clear glass headlamps create a more dynamic and determined look and, together with the hood, grille and bumper enhance the arrow visual at the front end. This precise, contemporary look is reinforced by the design of both the exterior and interior of the headlamp units, which feature a finely balanced interplay between matte and gloss surfaces. The halogen headlamps follow the classic format with low beam located on the outside and high beam in the inside, while the indicator lamps are discreetly positioned in the outer corners toward the fenders.

The available bi-xenon headlamps come with active functions and bring added depth to the appearance with a series of LED modules. A C-shaped positioning light defines the nighttime design, with cornering lights located behind it and stretching outward to the main lamp module. At the base of the headlamps are broad horizontal LED indicator units. Also horizontal are the LED daytime running lights located in the bumper, which make the C-Class unmistakable from a distance.

On the rear bumper, the character lines and shutlines have been modified to add emphasis to the vehicle’s stance. This is especially evident in the steep rise of the character line running outward toward the rear lights. A continuous character line on the upper edge of the rear bumper runs into the fenders of the C-Class to provide a connection to the sides and emphasizes the sporty character of the rear view. A new one-piece jewel case on the tail lights provides further integration into the rear of the vehicle. The characteristic sinuous surface line is now reflected on the inside of the lights and is reminiscent of earlier models. The distinctive depth of the lights are achieved by LED indicators located in the center that appear to float in front of the more deeply set red LED bands above and below. The rear light pattern is particularly distinctive at night.

The bodyshell of the new C-Class is distinguished by its outstanding aerodynamics. With a cd figure of 0.26, not only is it best-in-class, its drag plane of cd x A = 0.57 m2 also cuts more smoothly through the air than most compact and even sub-compact cars.

Premium and sporty interior

One focal point of the work done in the interior was the redesign of the dashboard with the aim of creating a powerful, sporty and premium look-and-feel that includes extensive enhancement to the trim. The surfaces of the controls are more finely detailed and feature a metallic finish. The stepped hood of the instrument binnacle now extends to incorporate the central display and runs onward into the passenger side enhanced by a subtle character line. The central, trapezoidal air vents and the outer circular vents are accentuated with metallic trim elements. Central to the design of the new dashboard is a prominent trim panel. This element stretches from the central air vents along the passenger side to the outer air vent, adding visual width to the interior. The surface grain on the top portion of the dashboard continues along the upper edges of the door panels.

The new-generation center console is distinguished by its rectangular silver keys and emphasizes the premium feel of the interior in combination with matte keys, high-gloss surfaces and a new knurled control knob. Together with the new generation telematics, the restyled C-Class also receives a new instrument binnacle with integrated display. Oriented toward the driver are three tubular gauge surrounds with metallic surfaces that further enhance the aggressive character of the C-Class.

The luxury feel is emphasized by the new-generation leather steering wheel introduced with the all-new CLS and now available as standard in the C-Class. The steering wheel features a chrome-plated central spoke and further accentuates the car’s stylish and sporty ambience.

The new C250 Sport and C300 4MATIC Sport models come with standard brushed aluminum trim, while the C350 Sport has distinctive Black Ash. The Luxury versions feature Burl Walnut trim.

Drivelines with more power and better fuel economy

Fuel economy has been improved by up to 15 percent. All new direct-injection versions feature exceptional efficiency and environmentally-friendly fuel consumption. All models also come with the redesigned seven-speed automatic transmission, with the gear ratios on all versions optimized for fuel economy.

The highlight in the engine lineup is the introduction of the new V6 gasoline engine in the C350 Sport Sedan, featuring the innovative and highly efficient BlueDIRECT process. The improvement in efficiency is combined with a considerable increase in output. The C350 Sport Sedan now generates 302 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque (previously 268 hp and 258 lb-ft), while fuel economy has been improved by 5 percent compared with the outgoing C350 model.

The four-cylinder engine (new for the U.S. market) features direct injection and turbocharging and is also distinguished by outstanding combined fuel economy of 24 mpg. This marks an improvement of nearly 15 percent compared with the 2011MY C300.

New driver assistance systems

The C-Class attains an all-new level of safety with a total of five new driver assistance systems ranging from ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection through to Blind Spot Assist. The assistance systems are based on state-of-the-art radar, camera and sensor technology and are setup to react to frequent causes of accidents such as proximity to the vehicle in front, fatigue and darkness.

The following provides an overview of the new assistance systems:
• Adaptive Highbeam Assist
• Park Assist incl. PARKTRONIC
• Lane Keeping Assist
• Blind Spot Assist

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