Which Mercedes Benz Models Qualify for the IRS 179 Tax Break for Small Business Vehicles over 6000 GVWR?

This time of year people I get quite a few calls from small business owners or people who are self employed asking me which Mercedes-Benz vehicles are eligible for the IRS 179 tax deduction for vehicles with gross vehicle weight (GVWR) over 6,000 Lbs. Three Mercedes-Benz vehicles qualify for accelerated depreciation through the IRS.

All vehicles in the Mercedes Benz M class, GL class and G class qualify for this program through the IRS. Whether an ML 350 BlueTEC or a GL450 gas V8. Gross vehicle weight isn’t just the weight of the vehicle if you were to drive it onto a scale. GVWR refers to the weight of the vehicle once it’s fully loaded with cargo and passengers. 

You individual tax situation may vary, federal tax rules and regulations are constantly changing so please be sure to check with your tax advisor for complete details and how such a vehicle purchase could influence you personal and business financial situation.

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