Mercedes SLS AMG Daytona Blue Paint Option 950 Discontinued for 2012 Model Year

In Mid December Mercedes-Benz announced the immediate discontinuation of the Daytona Blue (paint code 950) option for all 2012 model Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG coupes and roadsters. Any 2011 model SLS AMG cars already ordered or in production will not be affected by the decision, but there will be no 2012 SLS AMG cars built in the Daytona Blue color.

No specific reason was given for the late decision by the factory to discontinue the Daytona Blue color. So, Daytona Blue will, no doubt, be one of the more rare colors for the SLS AMG, as it is officially a ‘one year only’ color.

How might that affect future collectibility? It’s hard to say. In a couple of years, chances are, SLS AMGs, no matter the color, will be ‘just used cars’ on the secondary exotic car market. They will depreciate just like any other ‘instant collectible’ but 30 – 50 years down the road a Daytona Blue car might be a good one to have.

There aren’t many photos of Daytona Blue SLS AMGs out there. I found this one on a flickr stream posted by a gentelman in Brazil named Jeferson Grilo. There are some great photos of exotic cars on his flickr stream, visit by clicking this link.

He also maintains a blog full of his exotic car photos: 

Both of these links are worth visiting… some very nice cars down in Brazil.

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