Mars Red Mercedes GLK350 with AMG Sport Package at Feldmann Imports

This Mars Red GLK350 is sitting on our showroom floor. In today’s world of black, while and silver cars why not stand out with this red GLK. It’s nicely equipped with the AMG Sport Package which includes the cool AMG wheels and the LED daytime running lamps (close up photo below).

GLKs qualify for 1.9% financing on a short 36 month loan term, 2.9% is available up to 66 months. These represent the lowest interest rates we’ve seen on new GLKs all year and a deal not to be missed. The original window sticker is included below for this particluar GLK. It’s in stock and ready to roll today… did I mention, it’s 4matic? This all wheel drive system will keep you safe with plenty of traction all winter. 

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