Apply Now! Mercedes Benz Announces Tweet Race to the Super Bowl – Winners Get New 2012 C250 Coupe

Ever since I woke up one morning last year to see a new lime green metallic Ford Fiesta parked in front of my house (one of the cars participating in their huge social media campaign for the new Fiesta launch social media campaign, one of the participants was a good friend of my neighbor) I wondered… when will Mercedes-Benz do something cool using social media?

Now I know… Mercedes-Benz just launched their “Tweet Race” to the Super Bowl in Dallas. Applications for two person teams are being accepted through the MB Tweet Race Facebook page  through December 22nd or visit their the Mercedes Benz Tweet Race Twitter Profile page to follow the race on Twitter.

According to Mercedes-Benz four two person teams will depart from “New York, L.A., Chicago or Tampa — with a pair of Super Bowl tickets and a specially outfitted Mercedes-Benz. You’ll need to beat out three other teams headed to Dallas. You’ll need to complete a series of challenges along the way. And you’ll need gallons of Tweets from your Twitter followers to fuel you to victory.”

Mercedes-Benz has clearly seen the writing on the wall regarding social media and corporate branding, awareness and all of the other buzzwords being thrown around these days. It should be an interesting contest and the winners will get a new 2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 coupe that will be released in 2011. It’s exciting to see another C class coupe will be arriving on our shores. All the participants get to cruise around the country in a Mercedes-Benz for a couple of weeks before the Super Bowl and the participants will all go to the game.

 The new C class coupe has been selling briskly in Europe for the past few years, we will finally get them in 2011 as 2012 models… photo below. I think it looks like a baby CL… a far cry from the C class coupes of the early 2000s!

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