Mercedes Benz Releases Remote Start Systems Available for Installation Now!

At long last, there is a remote car starting system for Mercedes-Benz vehicles that can be installed by factory trained technicians at franchised Mercedes-Benz dealerships! It’s a common question from customer here in Minnesota, “Can you put a remote starter on my Mercedes-Benz?” NO has been the answer for a long time, in fact, Mercedes-Benz discouraged having third parties install remote starters on their cars for years as they had been known to interfere with the car’s complicated electrical systems. So finally, we have a remote starter system that our factory trained technicians will happily install in your vehicle.

These systems are available for most Mercedes-Benz models and can be installed by our factory trained technicians so you can be sure they won’t interfere with your electrical system or void your warranty. According to Mercedes-Benz:

 “The key to comfort is already in your hands. That’s right. The system uses your existing factory key for a full-featured remote start solution that is as elegant as it is convenient. The installation is completely seamless, and it couldn’t be easier to use. You’re going to love it, guaranteed.”

So there is no additional remote start fob to carry around on your key chain, another device to buy batteries for, the system is integrated into your existing Mercedes-Benz key. The system is available now at Feldmann Imports, installed in your vehicle for $1299. For an additional charge you can get an application for your smartphone (Drone, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry) that will allow you to start your car with a phone call!

If you have questions about the system or if you’re insterested in installation please call our parts department here at Feldmann Imports. These units are IN STOCK and available for installation on most models today. Call Feldmann Imports Parts Department with questions: (952) 837-6350.

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