Vintage Mercedes Benz 230GE G Wagen Spotted on I-70 West of Denver

I spotted this vintage Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen on I-70 just West of Denver yesterday while heading out to have a look at Red Rocks Amphitheater. According to the numbers on the side of it, this is a 230 GE (4 cylinder gasoline engine!). This is a short wheel base two door version which we blew by as if it were standing still, and we were only going about 65 mph.

It’s not a high horsepower G wagen, but it’s got the same three locking differentials as its bigger bretheren that will allow this owner to laugh in the face of whatever obstacles he might encounter in the back country of the Rocky Mountains outside Denver.

I noticed that it had a spare tire cover from the old Europa International out of New Mexico. Europa was the major importer of G wagens through the 1980s, during the grey market days, and even long after, into the late 1990s and early 2000s,  until Mercedes-Benz actually began to import the G wagen, in the form of the G500, as part of the regular Mercedes-Benz product line in 2002.

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