Quartz Blue Mercedes C300 4matic Sport or Luxury?

Here’s a good example of the 2011 Mercedes C300 4matic Luxury model in the newly introduced Quart Blue color… or is is a Sport model. Let’s see…. Sport Grille and front spoiler, but Luxury wheels, and a luxury steering wheel. My guess is the suspension is Luxury, they just added the sport grille package to this one, the wheels are the give away.

This car just arrived on the transporter today, along with abiout 5 other new C class models. This is the first C300 Luxury model I’ve seen in the new Quartz Blue color, the only other Quartz Blue C class I’ve seen was a C300 Sport model. It is turning out to be a rare color in on the C and E classes.

Like the sport we had earlier this year, this car too, has the almond mocha interior. It’s also got a panorama roof, and the cool LED running lamps on the lower front spoiler. I didn’t look too closely at the window sticker of this car, but my guess is that with the pano roof and the other options it has probably got an MSRP in the $43,000 – $46,000 range. I’ve been seeing a lot of really loaded C classes arriving recently, cars in the $47,000 – $48,000 range even.

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