Update: SOLD both SLs! Feldmann Imports eBay Efforts Continue with Two SLs!

SOLD BOTH OF THESE CARS.. no longer available.

I’m continuing to list cars and parts on eBay for Feldmann Imports (eBay user name: feldmann_imports). I sold a set of forged AMG wheels off of a 2009 S63 AMG for about $2,500 last week, original list proce of these wheels was almost $10,000. They came off of a $150,000 S63 AMG sedan. They were shipped to a gentleman in New York who was happy to get a new sset of ‘Summer wheels” for his 500+ horsepower S63 AMG.

Visit the Feldmann Imports eBay About Me Page by clicking this link!

Our Fire Mist Red 2003 SL500 is the newest listing, I just put it up the other day. I wrote a short blog article about this car the other day, it was clean enough to go on eBay, it’s a great car and one that someone would ship across the country if they like it enough.

I listed another Mercedes-Benz SL on eBay recently, an electric child’s toy SL. It is the electric “Pedal Car’ (no pedals, it’s electric), out of the Mercedes-Benz Collection catalog. It was our ‘dealer demo’ if you will…. on display in our Mercedes-Benz boutique. It’s still available, just a few hundred dollars to start your little ones early with the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Both of these cars, and another set of wheels are currently available on eBay from Feldmann Imports.

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