Used 2004 CL55 AMG Kompressor Trade In – 34k miles Original Miles!

This very special and very rare CL55 AMG Kompressor was just traded in on a new Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG last night. This car is in immaculate condition, it is black with AMG Ash interior. It has just over 34,000 original miles on it. I’ve attached the original window sticker / option list below for your reference. The CL is the ultimate serial production Mercedes-Benz, essentially an S class coupe. The CL55 AMG version is the ultimate of the ultimate.

The CL55 was the first AMG car I ever drove, and I won’t forget it. It was my first Saturday at the dealership, one of the veteran sale guys asked if I would drive with him to drop off two cars, a CL55 AMG that had been in for service and a new CL63 that he was to drop off at the customer’s house. We had given the customer a loaner car when they brought the CL55 in for service, we would drop off these two CL AMG cars at the house and drive back in the loaner car. The people weren’t even home, they had given their garage code to the salesman. When we got to the house we backed their new CL63 AMG into one of the empty garage stalls and the CL55 AMG into the other, closed the gargage doors and got in the loaner car that had been parked outside and drove back to the dealership.

The CL 55 AMG was an incredibly powerful car to drive, but very comfortable and well manered at the same time. That trip taught me something about the level of service customers who buy these sorts of cars expect, and the kind of service we are happy to provide when working with these high dollar, high performance machines.

It’s got the hand built 5.5 liter, supercharged AMG engine pumping out 493 horse power, chrome AMG wheels, Navigation, all the stuff you would expect from a top of the line CL. Original MSRP was almost $120,000. This car is available for sale today at Feldmann Imports, it just got here and it hasn’t been priced.. so I’m kind of guessing, but I’m guessing it will be priced in the mid $30,000s… yeah, almost 1/4 of it’s original price with just 35,000 miles on its odometer.

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