1980s Era Mercedes 560 SEC with Koenig “Testarossa” Style Body Kit Turns Up at Feldmann Imports

Crockett and Tubbs can't be far away... 1980s vintage Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC with rare Koenig widebody kit.

I was quite surprised to see this gem sitting on the back show floor at work this morning when I came out of my office to do my daily rounds, to see what’s new, what might have been traded in the night before. it was the usual fare, a late 1990s BMW 3 series convertible, a Honda Element, a Lexus RX 350… an huh!? What’s that?!

You know a Mercedes W126 chassis car a mile away, but a coupe is a bit more unusual than a sedan… and to see one with the rare Koenig widebody kit from the 1980s just never happens. This car is so wrong, while at the same time, it’s so right. It’s hard to explain.

In the mid to late 1980s a 560 SEC was the most expensive Mercedes-Benz you could buy… add an aftermarket wide body kit like this and the price went through the roof. The period correct BBS wheels complete the package.

Cars like this were reserved for rock stars and professional athletes, as was this car. It is still owned by a former Minnesota Twins player who bought it in period. It took me right back to the 1980s when these would routinely appear in episodes of Miami Vice, the bad guy drug dealers always drove them, never the ‘good guys’.

It is the very epitome of 1980s style and excess. The styling looks so dated today and it looks like a fossil sitting among the modern Mercedes-Benz cars, but to those in the know… it is a true gem. Love the styling or hate it… it is a perfect representation of its time and it was a real treat to see it up close today… for a child of the 80s, I approve.

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