Rare Indium Grey Mercedes Benz E350 Arrives!

This is the first new body style E 350 I’ve seen in the rare Indium Grey color. This is a color that you see stocked on the E class sedan and CLS only. There aren’t many of them out there, but every once in a while one appears. This car rolled off a transporter yesterday.

This particluar car is nicely equipped (photo of window sticker below). It’s got the Premium 1 Package and Luxury Package as well as heated seats. It’s got an Almond interior with a wood wheel. If you want to stand out from the black, silver, and white E class crowd, this would be a good option.

Close up of the front shows the color a little better.

This car is in stock and available today at Feldmann Imports, give me a call if you want to talk about it. New E class vehicles are eligible for 1.9% APR up to 36 months, if you’re a current Mercedes-Benz customer with a current lease or finance contract through Mercedes-Benz Financial you’re eiligible for 1.9% APR up the 66 months (OAC)!

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