Uber Kuhl! 2011 Mercedes Benz G 550… in stock and available! (Thank You, Sold 11/20/2010)

This is the first 2011 G wagen (G550) I’ve seen. Mercedes-Benz makes about 3,500 of these for the world market each year at a special factory in Austria. Most people don’t realize how rare and how expensive they really are. This is only about the second or third G wagen we’ve had in our regular inventory (not located, no special ordered) in the past three years.

They pretty much make them one way… completely loaded. You can see the window sticker below for the specifics… but there isn’t much there except a lot of digits in the price tag. Three locking dfferentials, doors that shut like absolute bank vaults (really, you should try it sometime). If you need the very best, the very toughest, if you need to go anywhere in the world on four wheels and look cool doing it… this is the vehicle for you. If you’re just looking for a good family SUV to take the kids to school and to soccer practice, I would suggest the more tame, GL 450 or GL550 if you like the extra power. The Gwagen is a rough riding serious off road machine that isn’t for everyone, but ahhhh, the lucky few.

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