2011 SL 63 AMG with AMG Performance Package Graces Show Room Floor

This 518 HP monster just arrived into our inventory. As if the regular AMG 63 wasn’t enough, this one has the optional “AMG Performance Package” ($12,900 option). Performace is enhanced with compound brakes, track tuned suspension, and all sorts of other things. The top speed has also been raised to 186 mph… of course it’s still electronically limited, but it will do 186 if you need or want it to on a race track or at an open road speed event.

There are less than 20 SL 63 AMG cars in the United States with the AMG Performance Package and less than ten in black… so, this car will have a national audience, which is why I listed it on eBay this afternoon, you can have a look at the auction if you want.

It can be yours today for about $164,000… as rare as this car is, we’re ready to deal… so if you’re even remotely interested please don’t hesitate to contact me with an offer.

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