Black / Black 2011 Mercedes Benz E550 4matic Sedan Arrives!

We probably sell 25 E350s for every one E550 sold… that’s sort of a gut estimate in my exeperience, not an exact figure. In fact, if anything, it’s probably a conservative number. The E550 is a much rarer car than the E350 and most people are perfectly happy with the 350. For those who want something a little more powerful with adjustable Airmatic suspension the engineers in Stuttgart created the E550 4matic.

This particular example is the first 2011 E550 I’ve seen, it just arrived in our inventory a couple of days ago. It’s got black leather interior, the Premium 2 Package (P2 Package), it’s also got the AMG Sport Package with 19″ wheels and agressive body styling. I’ve placed a photo of the window sticker of the car here for your reference.
This car is loaded with options, including the Drive Dynamic Multi Contour Driver’s seat with massage feature. It’s a great way to roll in comfort and style with 382 horse power on tap whenever you might need it. It’s available today with an MSRP of $71,750, Feldmann Imports’ stock# M9794.

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