“A Baby Named ‘Crash'” Video Tells How Mercedes-Benz S Class Saved Pregnant Mother

MBUSA sent me an email today about a series of videos they’ve put together with interviews of current Mercedes-Benz customers who believe their Mercedes-Benz vehicles saved tehir lives in car crashes. This video was especially touching, it actually brought me to tears… an amazing story (embedded YouTube video below).

It’s a question I often ask customers when they’re considering something else besides the Mercedes-Benz they might be talking to me about: “Imagine, you’re on the highway, you’re about to be in a high speed accident, which car would you rather be in?”

 Most people say “The Mercedes,” although I did have one lady get out of an E class after a test drive once and tell me she felt ‘unsafe’ driving it. I asked why, and she just said she felt unsafe. I wasn’t sure what to tell her, she left, I never did find out what she purchased. Maybe a Sherman tank?

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